Run 1269

Monday 13 July 2015

Chez Rapide, Toddington

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


A busy check near the immigration zone

Leroy on a false trail

Birthdays for Bangers and The Count

Edwina, Nik Nak and Blow Felt with random down-downs

There is another Dave. Quite well know actually, and definitively more funny than this Dave. He even has his own show on Dave. He invented the concept of a Found poem. By trawling the bottom of the internet, he is able to take the comments posted on news items and create poetry.

This therefore is Dave's nod to Dave's Dave. The bottom of the Toddington village Facebook site has been trawled and the comments of the good folk of the village have been collated. They certainly have something to say about the markings they have recently seen...


On On to The Gardeners Arms (formerly The Wilbury), Letchworth SG6 4LG next week.

How Depth Charge did 1269 [jolly well i think ... scribe]