Run 1268

Monday 6 July 2015

Red Lion, Preston

Hares: Clap Trap and Catch It


Birthday Hat for Ringer

Gorjoyce in down-down action

The hares had bet that there would be few survivors from Forking's 50th walk. In the event were proved wrong as there was a good turn-out including many who, despite braving the Aylesbury Ring on a hot weekend, still looked quite fit [modesty prevents me ... scribe].
In the circle, Ringer admitted to a birthday and was awarded a hat while the hares warned that the course was longer than usual and that walkers would not be back within the hour unless they took the shortcut (more on this later).
Reluctantly leaving the pub (the first community-owned pub in Great Britain, bought by the village from Whitbread in 1982), the pack initially milled around seeking a trail. Eventually, it was picked up on Chequers Lane before continuing via the Chiltern Way to cross Butcher's lane and passing Pond Farm to a Held Check on the romantically named Dead Woman's Lane. Further up the lane, the short-cutters were supposed to peel-off, while the runners continued on, to be treated to an uninterrupted loop on soft, newly-surfaced bridle-paths.
Later, struggling to keep up with the FRBs, the lead hare was surprised to find them running back, having been caught by a fishhook (the only one on the run) intended only for the short-cutters! He was even more surprised to find some walkers coming round the loop, having ignored the short-cut offered. From that point onward, the lead-hare lost contact with the FRBs, who lost contact with each other, but continued on course due south to Whitehall Farm. There, after taking a footpath through a field of beans (fieldbeans?) the trail ran North-East to join Back Lane and thence On-Inn via School Lane.
Arriving at the pub the lead hare worryingly found nobody in sight. On surveying the bar he found that, to his relief, the FRBs had been there long enough to have got through a pint!.
Two (2) cakes (from Catch-IT) were completely consumed before we all circled-up. In the sad absence of an RA, HM put out an appeal for "violators" (or more accurately, for snitches to nominate the "violators".) This led to the usual mirth as a succession of "miscreants" were dealt punitive down-downs.
On-on to Mansion Rapid!
Clap Trap

How Rapid did 1268

Nobby Nomates FRB holds the check alone

Blow Felt and Pussies get their cake at last