Run 1266

Saturday 27 June 2015

Forking 5-Oh Run

Harpers, Pepperstock

Hare: Forking Dickchair

HASHERS: 12  APRES: loads

As ever, chaos on the trail

The pack dress code well observed ...

250 Run Award for dad ...

A first for the hash, running from what was once a pub. In its day this was known as the Half Moon Inn. Abandoned for many years it is now occupied by Harpers Fine Foods.

Waiting for what may have seemed a long time in the car park were Double Entry and Lost Cause. With balloons and banners at the gate most runners had successfully found the place by 6 o'clock. Circle-up waited a few more minutes for Nik Nak to arrive, but itchy feet meant the pack set off laying down more arrows than the Cherokees had fired.

At the end of the lane was the first number check for both Edwina 123 and Underlay. Over the road we hit the first bar of the day. This falsie didn't fox Ringer who led the chase to the pub stop. The second bar of the day was The Rising Sun, which did brisk business on the day it got hit with a Hawaiian wave of colour. Locals were confused thinking it a gay pride march, as hashers in party garb queued for a pint or two.

The run home sent poor Underlay sprawling, but she repaired her strains with an impromptu yoga stretch to get fit for the party. Waiting at the BBQ were Gorjoyce and Thongo. Bangers received his 250 run award, other drinking awards were held outside, and joined by a large number of apres and partygoers who were leaving the building as a faulty alarm rang. One party goer, hash name 'mum-in-law' looked on at our circle, and declared us all as 'mad as a box of frogs'.

Golden Globes and Mo were in time to hear the jazz trio playing, Leroy was seen chatting to the band leader about playing the ukulele. Fat Controller and Kisses Anytime arrived just before the bar ran out of Old Speckled Hen. Many thanks to Rapid for compering a mid-session light hearted quiz about Forking's finer moments of his fifty years. A great many hashers as well as party guests complimented the food and venue, if you couldn't make it you missed a great evening.

To close with a big thank you to everyone who came and gave such wonderful cards and presents. I now have enough bottles of booze to run an off-licence [or dray ...ed]. Otherwise I shall enjoy a year's supply of prosecco spritzers, tequila slammers, margaritas and whisky chasers along with loads of beer. There is still the Forking 5-oh Aylesbury ring walk starting on Friday.


How Underlay did 1266 (without the fall)

Lady P spots someone trying to avoid the beer stop

... and colourful apres

... and mum made the cake