Run 1263

Monday 8 June 2015

The Rising Sun, Potton

Hares: Underlay and Pecker


What a site. The Bricklayers Arms is now a hole in the ground

Knobber in brave uphill run attempt

Karmen Suits Ya, Atomic Titten and Lush Big Knickers: together again (Subtitle: The Germans get their towels on the drink first)

Having laid the hash the day before, it was unknown how much flour would be left thanks to the multitude of dogs walked in the area and the warrens of rabbits on the heath snacking on it. What the hares forgot to mention to the assembled hash was the white spray paint markings at intervals along the pavement – soon to catch out Count Roadkill and Ringer.

The hash group left the pub and were soon heading through the streets and houses to stop and mourn in front of the site that once contained the Bricklayers Arms (now a hole in the ground). The trail then led out towards the Sandy Heath transmitter where, between Scooper, Ringer and Depth Charge, all the false trails were run. Shagpile thought he knew which way to go but too was fooled.

Blow Felt and Double Entry found themselves to be an FRBs through the woods, but were quick to let the runners take this from them once they had identified the true trail. The ON INN was found and the hash group arrived back at the pub having avoided the impending rain that had threatened at the start of the hash.

Down downs were awarded to the hares, Lush BK, Karmen Suits Ya and Atomic Titten for being returnees, Shagpile and Knobber for something, Double Entry had an award for 300 Runs, and in true RA spirit, Captn F awarded himself (standing in as RA) a down down as he had forgotten to appoint a secret RA.

On on to The Raven, Hexton


How Depth Charge did 1263

Under the Sandy transmitter

Knobber and Shagpile in cheeky down-down attempt

After 300 Runs we publish the first known full frontal of DE taken with a camera hidden about the person of our secret agent