Run 1258

Monday 11 May 2015

The Green Man, Lidlington

Hares: Clap Trap and Catch It


The GM welcomes the newbees

... and takes another breather

The newbees learn down-downs ...

It was a beautiful evening and, more importantly, the first Monday evening run of the year as a stalwart band of Hashers circled-up outside the Green Man in Lidlington. Lacking any birthdays or anniversaries to mark and in the sad absence of the Captain, the GM, Shagpile stepped up to the mark at short notice and treated the circle to a joke. The two Newbies were also welcomed and the serious athletic ambitions that the H5 group shared, were explained to them. The hares then briefed on the evening's exercise indicating that the objective was to reconnoitre a local secret installation which was rumoured to have been the haunt of the notorious TG* gang (now seemingly disbanded) and to determine whether there was any activity. There was, they said, the possibility to see the exceedingly rare Lady Hamilton’s Pheasant en route (though they got that part wrong – as it was potentially the last surviving male (or as ornithologists say; cock) of Lady Amherst’s Pheasant that was holding out in the Millbrook Proving ground).

The route (a short one, as befits the first evening run) soon left the village nestling in the valley and struck south past the ruined All Saints Church and the Seathill Plantation following the Marston Vale Trail as it ran along the undulating boundary of the proving ground, joining the Greensand Ridge Walk/John Bunyan Trail via a very steep trail up Jackdaw Hill. Taking this past Jackdaw House (actually through the garden) to Southview Farm, where a cross-roads of footpaths gave ample opportunity for false trails. From here the trail crossed the main road and circled to approach the Inn from due south, losing most of the altitude gained during the run in the last half mile. This afforded excellent sunset views across the valley to Lidlington Lake, then went down and On-Inn via the High Street.

Back at the pub those hashers not subject to a diet were challenged by (a) cheese and sundries from Posh Nosh Afloat courtesy Lady P, (b) cakes courtesy Catch-IT, (c) a mountain of sandwiches & sausage rolls courtesy the Landlord of the Green Man.

After the hares and the Newbies were treated to down-downs the circle was handed to the RA; Forking who faces weekly the unenviable task to finding miscreants in a club that boldly proclaims that it has no rules! Is it just me, or do others see a problem? Nevertheless, he was able to fit-up Bangers, the FC and Kisses Anytime amongst others for various infractions, infections or infestations – you choose.

*Top Gear

On, On to The Compasses, Greenfield

Clap-Trap and Catch-IT

How Rapid did 1258

The pack debates a number check ...

Kisses scores a direct hit

.. but we won't know if it was too hard