Run 1257

Sunday 4 May 2015

The Jolly Coopers, Flitton

Hares: Underlay and Blow Felt


May the Forth be with you RA

Not even wooden horses distracted this pack

FC tries to intimidate Gorjoyce with his little gadget

A long time ago (well a few days really), in a galaxy (ok pub car park) far, far, away ....... It is a period of civil unrest. The pub is closed and Hasher's gather, ready to strike from the circle, to challenge the hares on their trail. Prior to the run, Darft Bugga's spies, commanded by Fat Controller, tried to steal the secret plans to the hares ultimate weapon, the Fourth Check, a marking of such power as to destroy all FRBs.

Supreme Chancellor (SC) Fantaaastic dispatched the two hares to disperse the assembled mass. Turmoil engulfed the hashers as routes from the checks to outlying waypoints were in dispute. Shagpile arrived late like Hans Solo's Millenium Falcon in dire need of a new hyperdrive and followed the secret galactic signs to the rendezvous point.

The hares had hoped to stop the FRBs from racing ahead at every opportunity, enabling the knitting circle to stay together but one of Darft Bugga's agents in the guise of the mysterious Count Dooku aka Roadkill, refused to be rebuffed by the Fourth Checks and continued on the trail of the hares.

Evil challenged the hashers at every point. Muffballs and other unknown creatures of tiny size, hunting in packs of three, followed the hash until their leader known as The Crazy Woman, retreated for battle another day.

Throughout the run, and pursued by the back-checking FRBs, Lady P raced back to her Corellian Corvette, custodian of the birthday hat for another year.

Handmaid Forkin, SC Fantaaastic's guardian of peace and justice to the hash, handed out his rewards to the survivors of the battle and to restore freedom to future hashes.

On On to Lidlington
The Jedi Hares

How a Hare did 1257

Happy Birthday Lady P

Good to find a little rape back ...

Strange traditions in these parts?