Run 1256

Sunday 26 April 2015

The Red Lion, Studham

Hare: Hot Shot


The HM tries to offend Gorjoyce

Forking tries to reprise a classic Lady P pose

Beer to the back: a sign of the times for H5?

1256 is a number etched in our frb's minds, if you're given a number you may as well use it.
"1, that's the sort of fish hook I like" the hare heard as the first frb found a fish hook. The hare had a little laugh to himself he knew what was to come 2, then 5, then 6, then 1 and so on and so on (the hare practises his evil laugh, wah ha ha...)

The hash started from the Red Lion and 100 yards into the trail were off up the first false trail. This gave the knitting circle a chance to get in front and not for the last time on this route, then the frbs caught up and started finding those fish hooks (wah ha ha). The pack stayed as one throughout with the frbs almost becoming back running bar#@?$ds.

The middle of the route was found at the Bell public house and Forking so stopped for a little ice cream, check it out was called and off they went for some more of the same. The field spread out in front of the pack and then when straight up and back down again for Capt F. The hare felt a little guilt as he watched the Capt run back (just a little) (and then a little more as Ringer and Rapid went too, Wah ha ha).

Back in the circle down downs were given to The Count, Pongo and Lady P for supporting some chap called George and Peachers Tit for being able to count to 7 (not 6). The hare was pleased with a 10 out of 10 from Pongo.

And so the hare's next solo attempt will be in September, run number 1277 or 1278, won't that be fun.

On on Hot Shot

How Rapid did 1256

Thongo remembers St George ..

.. remembering St George is a crime these days?

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