Run 1255

Sunday 19 April 2015

The Wicked Lady, Wheathampstead

Hares: Nik-Nak & Ringer


Across the Common, on the scent of Lady Ferrers?

It's THAT season again!!!

Two barfdays and a hashiversary

Near the cell, there is a well
Near the well there is a tree
And under the tree the treasure be

So says a 'well-known' Hertfordshire rhyme. The cell mentioned is Markyate Cell, the former home of Lady Katherine Ferrers, allegedly the identity of the Wicked Lady. A high-born noblewoman, she had the misfortune to belong to a Royalist-supporting family, which support severely depleted the family's fortune. In one of many versions of the legend it is said she took to 'Stand and Deliver' on the highway, that in 1660 she was shot and fatally wounded during a robbery on Nomansland Common but managed to make her way back to Markyate Cell before she died, aged just 26.

Mindful that being shot might catch on, the Hares were keen to get On-Out as the run was a tad on the longish side. A shortcut had been included but even so... The HM related from his collection of Wicked Lady-inspired jokes, some most all of which are unprintable here [I must get introduced to this Lady Parts whoever she is].

A random set of checks and Ts led us across the Common to Ferrers Lane [name dropper], before heading east across the open fields and the old Roman road that passes through Coleman Green. Passing through a farm [no "git orf moi land" here] we reached a check soon after which the KC, shepherded by co-hare Nik-Nak, took the shortcut. This left the other hare with FRBs Depth Charge, Hot Shot, Rapid W and Capt F (and initially Leroy and Double Entry) to stretch their legs and dash through the bluebell woods, emerging by The John Bunyan pub in Coleman Green [nobody wanted a beer-stop?] Emerging from the woods it was expected that the FRBs and the KC would meet up again somewhere in the vicinity. Oh what joy when a plan comes together! Exactly on cue the KC arrived at the meeting point. From hereonin, the elder hare started dropping back, being more than a shade knackered from the swift pace of the FRBs (see Rapid's split times from his GPS watch thingy).

A final section of open fields brought us to the southern outskirts of Wheathampstead before dropping down the footpath at the side of the road to the On-Inn. Pack FRBs were back at the pub at about 12.10 with the others not too far behind. Super bonus points for Felicia who completed the trail with Mum Skidmark without complaining. Bonus points also for sister Eithne for being a sleeping backpack all the way.

New dogs and old tricks

Perfect timimg as FRBs and KC reunite

Not sure what this says about H5

Pongo delivered his customary summary and the hares were given their down-downs. D-Ds for barfdayers Skidmark and Peachers Tit, and for matrimonial hashiversaryer Hot Shot [where was Mini Mo?] RA Forking DC then took over the Circle and it all got very random with assorted D-Ds, none of which this H5ver understood a word of...and that includes the one given to Shagpile for White Rabbitism while obligingly moving Skidmark's golden chariot for her, a vehicle with a turning circle that encloses several acres.

OnOn to next week at The Red Lion, Studham, where hare Hot Shot will officiate.

How this week's stand-in Hash Flash Rapid did 1255