Run 1254

Sunday 12 April 2015

The Motte and Bailey, Pirton

Live Hares: Zebedee and Rapid Withdrawal


HM's Motte joke has audience captivated

Birthdays for Golden, Atomic and Blow Felt

300 Run Award for Forking 5-Oh!

The Hares' Tale

A perfect morning with bright sunshine and a cooling breeze. Being a live run, we set off at 10:53, ahead of the pack: so for the next 45 minutes, the hares had no idea of what was happening amongst the pack!

We took off, as is normal for a live run, in total panic of being caught...mindful of Hot Shot & Co [not a big company .. ed] would be chasing us down. With great excitement and adrenaline pumping through our bodies we began laying our dastardly trail. Thanks to Rapid earlier, laying a loop at the start, gave us another 5 minutes from the FRBs. Nerves settled, we put down our falsies, checks, bars and tees, all for your pleasure (...okay, our pleasure!)

With no sight or sound of the pack our thoughts became more anxious about where the pack had got to. So we eased off, strolled in the aforementioned sunshine and took in the views, especially the village pond. To our amazement, there was no sign of the FRBs. We continued with putting dust, thinking we're bound to get spotted in the cow field by the church.

Fearing the pack may have been stretched out too far, a few more numbers were put down to reign in the FRBs. With still no on-ons ringing in our ears we left the village and went up the hill to enjoy commanding views of the beautiful North Herts countryside. We must have waited at least 20 minutes up there before we our first sight of the pack in hot [luke warm? .. ed] pursuit of us.

On identifying the FRBS, we felt obliged to leave a personalised back check for Hot Shot, Captain F and PP running up the hill, which they decided to ignore! (Where's the RA, when you need one!). Buoyed up with seeing the Hares, the FRBs decided to give chase back down to the On Inn. However, on this occasion, the Hares were too well rested and too far ahead to be caught but they did provide a thrilling finish.

With Pongo awarding 9/10, drinks were awarded to the birthday trio and the hares. Gorjoyce was given a glass of water to throw and Forking received a rather fetching 300 run Hawaiian shirt for his up and coming 50h.

On-on to the Wicked Lady at Wheathampstead.
Zebedee and Rapid

How a Live Hare did 1254

Hash enlists local helpers

Gorjoyce moistens unsuspecting Millyspeed

A water for Eithne? No deal apparently