Run 1253

Easter Monday 6 April 2015

The Chequers, Houghton Conquest

Hares: Bangers and Forking Dickchair


Knitting past Ampthill Park House

"Time for muck spreadin in the lower field"

500 Run Award for The Count

On a happy Easter day at the Chequers a large clutch of Hashers assembled. The weather was eggsceptionaly good and we were shown the new E (for EGG) check to be found a various locations after Catch it and Nik Nak managed to get lured astray by sat-navs.

There were no yolks told before we were sent free-ranging to great eggcitement towards Ampthill Park. With Skippy and Splashy eggstremely fast at the front of the pack and the rest strung out like little soldiers in their wake the first E check was reached. All hidden eggs were found with even Farkle finding one.

With Shuffle and Rudi, Ringer and The Count leading, and also falling fowl of the numbers, we passed the home set up by Sir Leonard Cheshire VC before reaching the 2nd E check. However the fox must have arrived before us and stolen most of the nest with only the discarded wrappers visible ..what a disappointing eggsperience!!

We went free-ranging into the woods clutching at straws to find the correct route but eggpertese counted and the way led us to another crossing of the road (why did the chicken cross the road?). The short cutters went via Houghton House and the rest eggsplored a trail to the south before meeting up again near Kings Wood. With Depth Charge and Rapid well to the fore a long falsie met with a few eggpletives and only the hard boiled hares smiled at their eggstra eggsertions. It was down hill all the way from here with plenty of chance to eggcercise the front runners, with the rest of the flock trailing behind like broody hens!!

Arriving back at the pub eggausted after such a long trail we found that no RA had been appointed so various dobbings were eggspended with Gorjoyce getting one for littering! The Hares are now incubating an idea and hatching a plot for their next eggploration. Happy Easter eggverybody.

Bangers and Forking.

How Depth Charge did 1253

I'd like to thank H5 and the GM especially for my 500 Run Award. A case of beers with names like Old Crafty Hen, Old Thumper and Old Count was obviously just what I wanted and despite that will be taken to Richmond and shared at the away weekend in May. Cheers.
The Count

Farkle and others through Laurel Wood

FDC tries to persuade Blow Felt he is married

The GM despairs of Gorjoyce