Run 1249

Sunday 8 March 2015

The Stone Jug, Clophill

Hares: Clap Trap and Atomic Titten


We went through some wood ...

Rapid raised the Looking Silly bar ...

First run since 931 for FCUK a Duck

The RAs must really have been exercising their influence from a distance as, despite their complete absence, the weather in Clophill favoured a run. In the circle the HM's jokes were appropriately focused on jugs and he continued mining this store at nearly every held check on the run. There were no birthdays or anniversaries disclosed but one Returnee, FCUK a Duck, long lost and visiting from The Lake District, and one Newbee were welcomed.

In brief, the trail initially went west along Back Street then turned north along the Greensand Ridge Trail (GSRT), crossing the A6 safely on Deadman's Hill (really!) into Maulden Wood. At the Forest Lodge, the runners posed for a group-photo on and around a fallen branch [shurely bigger than a branch ... made pussies eyes water ... ed].

Continuing along GSRT the runners avoided false trails and the very real risk of alien abduction (that was, unfortunately, omitted from the event risk-assessment), before turning south onto a permissive bridleway. No sign of permissive brides, so we continued on, on undulating paths before exiting the woods at Hall End. From there the trail followed the Clophill road to the A6 then On-Inn via the Back Street.

During the run, Skidmark suffered an injury and retired leaving Felicia in the care of Double Entry [another missed risk .. ed]. Unusually [? ..ed], Shagpile was confined to the knitting circle – is this as a result of him recently going downhill we ask? Afterwards, cakes and biscuits (including broken biscuits miss-branded as being low-calorie) baked by Catch-It, were consumed.

In the circle, the Newbee Caroline was put to the question by Pussies and the Returnee FCUK a Duck finally collected his retro-styled award and down-down for 150 runs. In the absence of regular RAs, HM made an appeal for information from the clandestine "secret RAs". This proved fruitful in identifying miscreants including Sarah for wanting to be French! and for swooning for Ringer [shurely shome mishtake .. ed], Subbie for dropping one and Rapid Withdrawal, Blow Felt and Peachers Tit for wearing headgear in the circle.

On-on to The Old George, Ickleford

ClapTrap and Atomic

What Hash Mattress made of 1249

... and posed on some wood

... and someone dropped one

Come again? Pussies purr-fects her routine