Run 1245

Wednesday 11 February 2015


Café Goa, Barton-Le-Clay

Hare: Fat Controller


The Hare Razor's hand trembled as he wrote in the holy (H5 runs) book 'Wednesday 11 February – Hare: Fat Controller, venue: TBA'. Fighting to control the rising feeling of impending doom, could history repeat itself he wondered, remembering the now-infamous Run 1220 from The Old Red Lion, Great Brickhill. Would the pub/restaurant be open? Would we arrive to find the chef struck down suddenly with Scorflufus (one of the many diseases that affect people's kneeses1)? Would we arrive to find that the pub/restaurant had mysteriously burned down (cf. Run 714, The Waggoners, Ayot Green)? "It'll be from Café Goa in Barton-le-Clay" FC proclaimed later. Where? thought the Hare Razor. Never heard of it!, the dread feeling of impending doom starting to return. It was some small comfort to discover that Café Goa was the current incarnation of the old Coach & Horses pub. And so we waited for the dread night to arrive.

Arrive it did, prompt on time at 7.30pm on Wednesday 11 February, the day Hashers the world over remember the man without whom we could all have had a lot more Sunday mornings in bed. Having neatly marshalled 9 cars into a space designed for 3 and placed our food orders with Kisses Anytime on the door, we were ready to Circle Up. "It's short (an FC run?), all flat (Barton Hills?) and no shiggy (Barton Hills in February?)" promised the Hare. Now we were definitely worried.

But, fair's fair, it was a cracking run, fitted the hour as though it was made to measure and followed by a stonking good curry (Dep Scribe can heartily recommend the Goan Green Chilli Curry). So it seemed that we had gravely maligned the birthday boy – the boy had deff'nly dun good.

But then it struck (well actually a lot later it struck). THE KENTISH GEEZER DID'N WRITE ANY FRIGGING WORDS!!

Confidence dashed again. Ah well, On-On
Dep. Scribe

1see Milligan, S. (1961)


1935: Gene Vincent born
1942: Lt. Gispert killed in action in Singapore
1951: Fat Controller born [not 1955 as previously reported: dep ed]
1956: Spies Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean pop up in Moscow
1963: The Beatles record all ten tracks for their first LP in just under ten hours
1975: Tories elect Margaret Thatcher as new leader
1976: John Curry wins Britain's first figure skating Olympic gold
1987: Cynthia (Madame Sin) Payne acquitted of running a brothel
1990: Nelson Mandela freed from prison in South Africa
2012: Whitney Houston dies aged 48
2013: Rick Huxley (bassist for The Dave Clark Five) dies aged 72

↓———How Hash Flash saw the run———↓

The view from Barton Hills

Group at the top lit by Capt F

Golden Globes risks one of Leroy's hats

Raising a glass to Gispert (1)

Raising a glass to Gispert (2)

Thomas the Tank Engine cake for FC