Run 1243

Sunday 1 February 2015

The King William IV, Cockernhoe

Hares: Blow Felt and Bangers


Leroy adjusts his dress as the crowd turn ugly

The Count in down-down show down with Rudi

Catch It and Ringer hide their guilt well

We decided to lay the trail on Saturday hoping that the snow that was in the forecast did not arrive. And so the light pink flour did its job and it only remained for the attendees to find the pub which was well hidden away, but Blow Felt put out some very useful signs to lead the doubters the right way.

Considering the coldness a goodly crowd assembled, with Rudi and Millyspeed enjoying each others company, and were treated to some rather rude jokes from our HM Captain F regarding the village name of Cockernhoe!! and a promise from the hares of plenty of MUD [er shiggy if you please ... ed].

From the start a few false trails were explored before Forking led us across Mangrove Green Common and away towards Putteridge Bury college. Five Baah and others explored a falsie, and 'fish hooks' kept the pack together. Going down towards East Lodge the FRB's including Count, Ringer,et al met the bar to send them trudging back up the hill. After the holding check the main group headed north only to be turned back again, and at this point DE was heading in the right direction only to be sent to the back at the number check. Into the back garden of Mangrove Hall and on to a lady check at Messina Plantation.

At this point the Short Cut tempted Thongo, Pussies, Gorjoyce and others, whilst the remainder headed downhill towards Offley Chase (on Saturday we saw a herd of about 20 deer in this field, great!). Arriving at the road Bangers said that this was the beer stop and someone had dumped a load of rubbish on top of it!! Leroy and Jack headed up the hill with the usual blast's from the horn , across the muddy field and onto the first limbo test, past the field with the horses in, and down to limbo 2 under the fallen hedge.

The On Inn came up shortly dead on the hour, and we were welcomed to a very accommodating pub with a good selection of ales. It was so good to see White Rabbit again and the newly arrived Eithne, well done!! Catchit If You Can provided nice cake (get well soon Clap Trap). Down down's were awarded, and Skippy was still just a bit shorter than Pussies with her high heels off. A pleasant morning ended with the weather improving, and a good short Hash was enjoyed by all.

Bangers and Blow Felt.

Trudging up to Messina Plantation

FDC sees how Skippy and Pussies measure up

The very new Eithne pays homage to the Legend that is White Rabbit