Run 1242

Sunday 25 January 2015

The Bucks Head, Little Wymondley

Hares: Gorjoyce and Thongo


A brace of birthdays by proxy

A down-down's view of the HM

Knobber and stand-in 5-Baah, Nimrod

What a glorious sunny morning it was were we welcomed the presence of Stallion and were off onto the start of what was basically an old H4 trail but where Little Wymondley has been chopped off from the open fields by the by-pass. Capt.F had inadvertently hidden the start of the footpath leading from the pub car park but Underlay soon raced ahead ignoring the lack of dust over the football field and discovered the ON INN.

Slipping under the By-pass the pack took time to discover a will hidden sign leading across Todd’s Green and down towards a moss covered footbridge across the main East Coast railway line. "Well I never" exclaimed local boy The Count, "never knew that path existed." The Fat Controller took studious notes to pass on to The National Guild of Train Spotters and Photographers. Good old Zebedee checked out yet another false trail before Nimrod now of Canada suddenly realised he used to live within a few hundred yards.

The pack raced off into the wide open countryside (well... the side of the A1(M) traffic drone). The pace was too fast for Private Parts and family so after some horsing around we held the check at a photo opportunity where after much attempted persuasion The Count still declined to climb up the pheasant shooting tower.

For some unknown reason most of the pack headed uphill into the wilderness totally devoid of any dust and hare Gorjoyce playing along to the pack. In the meantime Bangers and Madge had found the trail and were so far ahead as the be reported missing. Underlay started to whinge a little but it was the second time she had raced on with no sign of dust.

A false trail leading to a delightful duck pond complete with thatched cottage backdrop was missed by many before heading uphill to the Hermit of Redcoats PH.

Risking life and limb the pack safely crossed the By-pass and onto the ON-INN.

Gorjoyce having started the proceeding with a reading from Robert Burns just seemed to encourage the Fat Controller with an alternative version. The flood gates opened, The Count broke into song and set Knobber off with one of his long jokes.

Down downs as per photo captions.

** How Hash Mattress did 1242

It is the year of the War Horse

Leroy in full flow as secret RA

FC earned the Forking Hashit