Run 1241

Sunday 18 January 2015

The Three Tuns, Ashwell

Hares: Atomic Titten and Clap Trap


The Springs are a must do in Ashwell

Returnee Nimrod shows off antique shirt

Gorjoyce helps Newbee Seb with his first down-down ...

A former roman settlement and medieval market town, Ashwell's history stretches back over 1000 years. Despite the careless loss of Ashwell's two breweries in 20th Century, it still boasts four pubs, which is perhaps why H5 have visited on 20 previous occasions – most recently on April Fool's day 2012.
Regardless of earlier predictions of snowfall, the day dawned clear and bright, even if it was a little chilly. This didn't seem to dissuade a multitude of hashers, young and old, who assembled (some belatedly) at The Three Tuns in the sunshine. After a brief circle (only two 'jokes' from the HM – perfectly balanced regarding gender-targeting), the hunt was on.

Predictably, the course started with a visit to the Springs, which provides, via the river Rhee, one of the sources of the Cam, and alongside which, was an early display of Snow-Drops. Exiting the springs (which emerge from the chalk in a slight depression), the course followed a footpath into the centre of town between many ancient cottages and more recent barn-conversions past the museum and the church (with it's Black Death associated graffiti) and out along Rollys Lane towards Buttway.
It was along this section that an issue first became apparent – much of the specially-coloured flour that the hares had laboriously applied so lavishly on the previous day had mysteriously disappeared! (Based upon advanced weather forecasts the hares had dyed the flour yellow* with food colour/turmeric). It seemed that despite the advice of the lyrics, something had eaten a good portion of the flour-trail. Although this led to a few missing the bar and developing new trails, the majority carried on till the footpath opposite Bluegates Dairy carried them off towards Ashwell End, where it met with Common Lane and the bridleway through Loves Farm that leads to the Hinxworth Road.**

Following this road out of town for a short distance, the course struck out across a (fallow) field to join up with the footpath ascending Newnham Hill. After almost reaching the summit (84m), Hashers turned through the hedge and strode on downhill to cross Newnham Road and continue on the bridleway up to Arbury Banks, the site of Ashwell's iron-age settlement. By this time, the field had become somewhat spread-out and UNDERLAY thoughtfully inserted a hold to keep people together.

Butt (way) Cottage made Capt F smile

Thongo had a word for it

... while dad oversees with his birthday down-down

From there, the route circled the fort and joined up with the Icknield Way running downhill towards & then just south of and parallel with the High Street (as Ashwell Street). On the final leg the route switched to paths cutting through the housing and leading ON-INN to the High Street, opposite the pub.

There were no birthdays [other than PP of course .. ed] or anniversaries to celebrate in the circle, but the RA (SHUFFLE) was able to award down-downs for lost-property, lateness (COUNT ROADKILL), and parking (LEROY) (inter alia). Fruity cup-cakes were provided by CATCH-IT and spicy biscuits by BLOW FELT, both in aid of charity.
ClapTrap & Atomic

* After the Captain Beefheart song with the chorus line "Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!"

** How Hash Mattress did 1241