Run 1240

Sunday 11 January 2015

The Plough, Slip End

Hares: Forking DC and Hot Shot


Capt F has a new BFF1

FDC's flour dispenser, aka Nik-Nak's left boot

DE nonplussed by Pongo's verdict

2015 started with a new pub and virgin hare Hot Shot. Following a split bag of flour Forking had to quickly improvise, and hastily requisitioned a lost training shoe of Nik Nak's for flour dispensing services. This is not a method to be adopted by cake bakers, such as Frau Krafty Rot. Splashy went on the school run, which was past the woods and up to the school and back to the pub, a slightly shorter route for the new puppy Rudi. I heard a rumor that it is a bananarama breed that they all love in the first degree, and not wishing to keep Robert de Niro waiting it's back to the words. Passing a football pitch a game was in progress and as the corner sailed over the attacking striker in red nodded the ball into the net to a loud cheer from all the hashers stood behind the goal. Substitute hash-flash Ringer failed to capture the goal, but assembled a smudged portfolio that shouldn't worry Count Roadkill about his job. Several false trails later, found out by Shagpile and Five Baah the trail was led by Claptrap along Pipers Lane, before climbing up Tipple Hill Road. Shufflecock led the charge home to arrive back in the bar on the hour. Still struggling around the course Fat Controller squeezed through some of the narrow kissing gates, Kisses Anytime helping as needed. In the bar Captain Fantaaastic revealed his new hash mascot, a charming singing bear that also surprised a member of public out for his birthday drink. He also found the hash choir joining in to sing happy birthday. Knobber was found in the circle with his latest i-phone, but sought solace in that he had yet to make a phone-call on it. This was not good enough for the RA who stated that artificial intelligence won't overcome human error. Atomic Titten agreed that this week's run was good, but that next week's at The Three Tuns would be better with some Vorsprung Durch Technik.

Vroom vroom,

[Apologies for the poor standard of the photos this week. The camera proper was left at home, so the phone camera had to be used instead: Dep Scribe]

1Best Friend Forever

BlowFelt and Pongo battle the head-wind

The GM leads by example

RA's verdict: over-technical and over-dimensional