Run 1239

Sunday 4 January 2015

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

New Year Lunch

Hare: Donut


Subby guided across by Oscar and Rapid ..

.. while Edwina sits it out

Girls allowed: mugs all round

Kisses has her Sexcuses lined up ...

Laying the full run on Saturday was rather scuppered by the extremely inclement weather. However, I did manage to lay half the run by torchlight late afternoon, and luckily my desired trail was not flooded as the past 2 years. Setting off Sunday morning after a heavy frosty night, I just about managed to keep my footing on the icy surfaces and complete by 10.30am.

The hash circled up at noon and after all the usual intros, short story and New Year 'happy wishes' by Capt. F, the pack then set off seeking the correct trail. After a couple of falsies it was through the memorial gardens, past the farm entrance and Vanilla Club and on to the footbridge just south of the Tempsford road bridge. The usual FRB suspects were met with a 5 to the back 'fish hook', Walnut Whip Willy & Zebedee among them. Then on to a held check where, despite the fact there was no flooding Saturday afternoon, Pecker, acting the gallant hero, carried both Gorjoyce and Hash Bike across the now flooded terrain!

After a long falsie, the route took the Hash along by the river back towards the farm and a ladies check. I've no idea who checked this out, but obviously the long falsie was found, allowing the knitting circle to catch up. ON-ON up the road towards Roxton, a bar check and, to my amazement, the pack were led up the side of the field where there was no flour whatsoever. At least this allowed the hash to re-group. The trail then zig zagged north and west into Roxton village where Ward 10 was awaiting with refreshments at the BEER STOP.

From there, it was through Roxton to a check. I handed the hare duties over to our GM Shagpile to guide the pack back to the Wheatsheaf, via Roxton Weir and our favourite Farmer's Yard. It was ON INN to the pub the way we had run out. As many are aware, I'm a hasher of few words, so hopefully the Count's pics will help fill in the spaces.

Once back at the pub, the circle was called and down downs were given to many including, Willy Warmer for finally completing 10 Runs! As well as Boris and Knotch for 50 Runs.

Everyone then retired inside for the rest of the festivities. A very good meal was had by all and I really appreciated all the thanks expressed to Ward 10 and myself for organising the event. Thanks also for all buying a NAFFLE ticket – £56 raised for the charity fund.

Sweets given to the 5 ankle biters, KNOTCH, SPLASHY, SKIPPY, SPLINTER and TWIGLET....... plus ZEBEDEE as he could only manage a kid's meal !!!

Happy New Year to all of H5

On on to SLIP END

Thanks Donut, it was – as ever – a fantastic afternoon. Scribe

How Depth Charge did 1239

.. Hash Bike takes a lift from her hero ..

HM calls the register at the beer stop

Steve as pleased to see Lush as we were

... Fat Controller had his own