Posh Nosh

Saturday 13 December 2014

Old Warden Village Hall

Head Chefs: Lady P and Underlay


Capt F welcomes Golden Globes and Birthday Girl Mini Mo

You Know Who won the Double Entry Award

The GM won the Turnip Prize for Fiction

The 6th Annual Christmas Posh Nosh was very much in the mould of the first, way back in 2009. Why change a winning formula?

As ever Old Warden Village Hall was transformed from an empty room to a Christmas Dining Room in no time.

What was the contents of a few car boots became a super 4 course meal in an equally short time: praise was rightly heaped upon Clap Trap's soup, Underlay's Thai sauce and Lady P's almond tart.

Leroy and Peacher's Tit, as their alter-ego Chav and Dazze, lead us in a right old knees up finishing with a Birthday serenade for Mini Mo, before Rapid dished out the Annual Awards and The Chiltern Hillbillies had us rocking and rolling.

And then, in the twinkling of an eye, dozens of glasses and plates were washed and packed away, tables were cleared, rubbish swept away, and the Hall was empty once more.

Another fantastic evening.

Thanks to the generosity of the Posh Noshers Pongo was able to leave with a very respectable collection of gifts left under the tree for the kids at the Stevenage Women's Refuge.

Chav and Dazze were on song

Forking was the Layer of the Year and always looking to improve his tally

Lost Cause, happy to dance the night away