Run 1237

Sunday 21 December 2014

The Guinea, Moggerhanger

Hares: Subby & Ringer


Newbee mutt Rudi is introduced

A mince pie/stollen cake/mulled wine feeding frenzy

GM prepares for an imminent birthday

SRAB: Short Runs Are Best is one of our GM's helpful Guidance for Hares, so we'll try of adopt/adapt it here as SWAB: Short Wurdz Are Best. It is not often that said GM Shagpile is inclined to express admiration for a run but he clearly felt an exception should be made as he usurped Pongo's address to the Circle, even though Pongo was stood next to him. Although the official Hash records do not record the pub as being hashed from before, the GM seemed to recall running from it long ago, but admits it could have been an H4 run or maybe his failing memory. So to the Words:

Melody – I Saw Three Ships

I saw three dots of flour white
On Xmas day, On Xmas day
I saw three dots of flour white
On Xmas day in the morning

They led me to a check all three,
On Xmas day, On Xmas day
They led me to a check, all three
On Xmas day in the morning ...
[Full version]

And it came to pass that a flock of H5 were wandering in the fields to the north of the MoggerManger district of Bethlehem, guided by the good shepherds Subby and Ringer. The inn keeper at the Guinea told us there was no room at the Inn for cars but it might be possible to use the stables at the Church nearby! Amongst the flock was Frau Mary who was light with child, whilst her husband Shuffled along with a chocolate yule-log called Rudi, a newbie with the H5 flock. Zebedee was a wayward sheep who kept running far ahead of the other sheep and had to be recalled to the back of the flock, while Oscar played the role of Herod trying to kill all Newbies on their first outing. The shepherds had secreted gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh in the form of mince pies, mulled wine and stollen cake to fortify the inner spirits of the flock as they battled against a restive wind. Fortunately they were accompanied by two old donkeys, Blowfelt and Pussies, who very kindly lightened their load after the flock had encountered a Held Check at which gifts were distributed. The flock were moved to sing a Hashy carol (see above) to celebrate the immaculate misconception of an impossible run from this Inn (at least according to The Count), who is in Morocco with Lady P, searching for the Star in the East.

So that's it. A very Merry Xmas to H5vers wherever you may be this Yuletide. See you either at Leroy's run next week from The Hare Inn, Linslade or at the Annual New Year run at Tempsford on 4 January.

The Shepherds
(washing their socks by night)

How Rapid W the Red-nosed Hasher sleighed round 1237

There was two-way traffic in more than one sense

Lusty singing at the carol concert

Congratulations to Grandma-2B Gorjoyce