Run 1235

Sunday 7 December 2014

The Golden Cross, Great Barford

Hares: Atomic Titten and The Count


Leroy and Wet Wipe enter the dark world north of the A421

Knobber, pleased to have Dad's tankard back

100 Run Award for Atomic

The Royal Oak at Roxton first came to the notice of the world in 1819 (the Year of the Rabbit: personality trait – shyness; a tendency to open at ridiculous hours perhaps to avoid customers).

At the last moment we saw the error of our ways and switched this run to The Golden Cross, born in 1836 (the Year of the Monkey: personality trait – cheekiness; a disposition to pretend to be a Chinese Restaurant to fool customers).

H5 of course is in the year of the War Horse, but with an air of delicacy worthy of Basil Fawlty himself, we did not mention it when a Hare arrived with her own Teutonic fan club in the lovely form of visitors Lucy and Nina: well behaved, obedient, fully involved and fun throughout (quite clearly Year of the Dog), we could do with a few more newbees like them.

We could also do with a few more FRBs like Depth Charge (Year of the Tiger) who boldly led us to Birchfield under the A421 and back over it, making mincemeat of a short trail and leaving it in tatters. Perhaps unwisely Ringer, Knobber and Clap Trap (Year of the Sheep) followed him all the way.

Back in the circle Capt F (Year of the Pig) had indulged his hang-over by spending all of the subs on his favourite down-downs, before celebrating 100 Runs for Atomic and 200 for Subby (Year of the Snake it appears). Leroy (Rooster) patrolled the circle in brightest orange as secret RA, punishing Rapid (Rat) for purloining Knobber's Dad's tankard, and envying Blow Felt (Ox, they don't do Donkey) his 9.5.

Your very own Count appeared to consume more than his fair share of the down-down overspend before being directed home by Lady P (Dragon).

On on to the Fox
Count Roadkill

How Tiger Depth Charge chewed up 1235

Great Barford welcomes German visitors

Blow Felt, praised for his 9.5

What a shame the gremlins attacked this snap of a 200 Run Subby