Run 1233

Sunday 23 November 2014

The Cuckoo, Toddington

Hares: Fat Controller and Forking Dickchair


The knitting circle never had an appetite for this one

Ringer does his Halloween bit but ...

.. Milly wisely takes the shiggy route to avoid barbed wire

Wet, wet, wet. There was no stopping the persistent rain as Fat Controller stood in a puddle to greet the dripping early arrival Atomic Titten. Having parked outside the Oddfellows Arms, Count Roadkill then splashed over to the newly-opened Cuckoo. Upon noticing the absence of ever-present Double Entry he jigged about in a little rain dance to add to the misery as well as to celebrate his one point lead in the 'turn-up-and-hash' award. Once running round the village Rapid Withdrawal claimed to be using his local knowledge, can you imagine a cabby taking the Toddington knowledge test? Blow Felt, celebrating 30 years of Bond movies as well as 50 hashes, led the knitting circle including Skidmark and her bun in the oven on this Stir-up Sunday run.

The front runners numbering six soon headed out to the countryside. One seen at the front was Bangers. Looking back over his 80-year career it is very likely he has made more than a million sausages. Thus he will warm to his new name when seen hashing with his younger dog, henceforth to be known as 'Milly 'n Bangers'.

There was shiggy for most of the run, passing Chalgrave Church and doing the conger on the way home. Having rescued himself from landing on his posterior during a skidding descent Ringer later had the misfortune to injure his drinking hand with barbed wire. There was a number of apres waiting in the warmth of the pub, including Golden Globes who looked a whole lot better than the last time I remember seeing her in bed [i bet ... ed].

Dino was named as Hot Shot, and as Mini Mo had brought along Toby this was proof that he don't shoot blanks. For purposes of christening this new drinking establishment the barmaid also had to partake in a down-down baptism of Fart Controller's making, much like the bread pudding snacks.

On on to the 1234 with H5 at Hinxworth

How Rapid did 1233

Blowers admires his new 50 Run Tankard

HOT SHOT is named

Rapid wets his NoMo