Run 1232

Sunday 16 November 2014

The Old Sun, Harlington

Hares: Pussies Galore and Blow Felt


What strange beasty snakes out of the mist?

Thongo had many tales to tell

Down Downs for Edwina, Rapid ...

It was great to see so many hashers on Sunday.

Blowers gave a history lesson at the start, you can see the info at The Carpenters Arms.

We kindly nominated Ringer and gave him copy of the route for the runners as Blowers and I are part of the knitting group !!!

It seems there were some problems with the trail anyway it was hilly in places and there was plenty of shiggy and every one found their way back.

Except Thongo and me: as I got us lost. I eventually found the track and we were only about an hour late. Big cheer from every one.

The circle was great, there were various down downs give especially to the birthday girls and because Thongo snitched on me he got Forking's Ashes.

I think that's what you call them.

On-on to Toddington

Pussies & Blowers

How Underlay did 1232

Blue Plaques in Historic Harlington

Birthdays for Mekon, Double and Major Jon

.. Gorjoyce and Nik Nak: but who knows why?