Run 1231

Sunday 9 November 2014

Chez Frau Cock, Meppershall

Hares: Skippy and Splashy


HM helped us remember

Large Hariette contingent are She Fit

No wonder Skippy needed croissants

We got up very early in the morning (7:30) to lay it.
We went round but weren't allowed to play in the parks but we did jump in lots of muddy puddles. I came back and was ravenous, I ate 2 mini croissants in 3 minutes and drank lots of orange juice.
After everyone turned up we gave them the hazards and warnings, I invented a new check (HI), when you saw that you had to hug and say hi to the person next to you. There was quite a fair amount of shiggy as well.
When we had all come back to my house to finish, we all had a drink before it was time to circle up. As we were the hares,we had a down down.
Forking was very mean, he dragged me by the wrist down part of the hill, despite me saying "let me go, stop let me go" he carried on, so I gave him a down down of ribena, cold tea and beer. Take that Mr Forking.
After everyone had gone, we had the house ourselves again apart from PP, Snap Happy and 10 week old Sebastion. Later I got to hold and feed him.[sebastion or pp ... ed]

Me & Skippy had to get up early and start setting the hash. We had to do about 9-10 miles setting and running the hash and while we were setting the hash we invented a new check point. It was called a Hi check were you had to hug and say Hi to each other.
Over run was very shiggy. There was lots of holes and also lots of steep hills. At the end of a hash the RA's do down downs and me and Skippy had to gulp down J2O through a massive straw without breathing, this is a thank you for setting the hash for other members of the hashing can enjoy.
We enjoyed setting loads of false trails, this is were you put a blob of flour which means on-on and you carry on doing that till you feel like it and then put a T that means false trail and the runners have to turn around and go back to the (HI) check. A check is were the runners all have to wait for each other to catch up and then when the hares say check it out, they have to see which is the false trail and which is the real route.
Splashy :-).

Forking enjoyed the Hi Checks

Pussies enjoyed the slide

The Count enjoyed the beer