Run 1230

Sunday 2 November 2014

Chez Edwina, Bedford

Hares: Edwina 123 and Major Jon


We had a Newbee

Capt F attracting helicopters and Underlay

GM tries out new songsheet on Lady P

So there was the 1230 run approaching so it just had to be done by Ed-123! (did anyone notice the play on numbers)

And with loads of wood to shift what could be better than a bonfire and beer.

After a dodgy start to the morning, the weather turned out to be favourable for the afternoon's run.

The trail ended up being a bit shorter than planned because I got a bit tired at the end and took a short route home.

After a few bottles of Speckled Hen, I have no idea where the run went but everyone seemed to find it.

Skidmark commented on how she couldn't do up her belt... I suppose she had too many pies.. probably G-String had given her one.

Zebedee introduced a newbie, who declared herself to be a non-runner... no problem we already have plenty of those.

The run soon went out into the countryside. There were a few false trails, short-cuts for the knitting circle plus number checks to slow down the FRBs.

Co-hare Major Jon took charge of the catering – beer, soup, sausages and fireworks in the garden.

Thanks go to Count Roadkill for taking on the role of firework monitor [the emergency services had been informed but incredibly took no action ... ed], to Lady P for delicious cake, to Double Entry for help in the kitchen, and to Blow Felt for helping to clear up after.

On-on to Meppershall

How Underlay did 1230

Skidmark left her first born with them?

Leroy in RA mode

Lady P razing Edwina's garden