Run 1229

Sunday 26 October 2014

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: Boris and Thomas


Newbee Matthew is an FRB

Deca Mug for Major Jon and ...

The GM hides his shame

The annual Henlow Beer Festival at the Engineers Arms in Henlow (in case you hadn't guessed) was Rapidly approaching, as was a Boris birthday. So, with two annual celebrations to be had, it made complete sense to add in the celebration of H5 run 1229. I mean why wouldn't you?

To mark this tantalising tipple triple, the hares – Boris and Thomas, set out to lay the trail....but having already visited the beer festival on the Friday night, it wasn't set until it was nearly dark...and then Boris got confused between a bar and a bar, a tea and a T...but apparently there are no rules so the hares just made it up!

The On-Out saw the pack plus one newbie (Matthew) depart and as observed by Shagpile – "not doing Route A are we?" made off across the sports field, up to the Grange and were suitably taken with the falsie down to the river, but once they found the right path were rewarded by a new path leading over the River Ivel, linking the Millennium Meadow with the river path into Langford. Rapid was so delighted with the 'man' check at the top of the new path that he sat on it! (he'd left his own rod at home)

A held check by the now sold Boot pub allowed the knitting circle to catch up, and for those of a motor-loving persuasion to admire the 'interesting' purple paint job on a BMW 3 series.

Back into Henlow through the fields alongside the river, where several of the FRBs ignored a bar and instead opted for the short cut and headed straight to the other bar...where the remnants of the beer festival were available for sampling.

Down-downs with the rather exceptional Ruby (1874) Mild for Knobber who celebrated 30 years of marriage (to the same person), newbie Matthew and family Frau–Shuffle–Skippy for the lovely news of an imminent increase in their number!

A handful of H5ers made it to the Engineers over the festival and partook in many of its delights. But for those that didn't – here is the Boris A-Z guide to the festival beers, complete with tasting notes (which may or may not be entirely accurate):

Anniversary for Knobber, Birthday for Boris

... 10 runs for Splashy too

Happy News for the Frau Shuffle family

A is for Apollo – Made with US 'Apollo' hops from outer space, this beer will put a rocket up your Private Parts
B is for Brother Rabbit – a clean, hoppy aroma but with some bitterness, perhaps he didn't get on with sister White Rabbit?
C is for Crimson King – A big red, bloody beer using Rye malt which Cardiac would surely be proud of.
D is for Dark Matter – A traditional stout with a lingering finish, well pregnancy can do that eh Skidmark?
E is for Eagle IPA – A refreshing, amber session bitter with pronounced Pecker and citrus hop aroma.
F is for Falcon Ale – A classic dark bitter with an auburn glint, especially when found as [Count] Roadkill.
G is for Golden – A perfect complement to Lady P's blonde hair, zesty body and citrus aroma.
H is for Hullabaloo – which is roughly what Tarzan shouted as she swung Captain Fantaaaastic out of the Engine on Friday.
I is for Illusion – Brewed at quaffing strength, with loads of hops & a speciality German malt, brought to you by Atomic Titten.
J is for just a minute where's my tankard gone! There's bound to be some lost property somewhere.
K is for Kiwi – A smooth-drinking yellow beer, a favourite of our friends down Under[lay].
L is for Love not War – which is surely what Frau and Shuffle have been making lately!
M is for Merry Maidens – Sweet malt, toffee, hop bitterness & roast notes, a fine description for a Harriette.
N is for Navigator – A traditional session bitter with subtle yet exotic hop aromas, brought to you by Airscrew.
O is for Oatmeal Stout – Brewed once, Twicza, with plenty of oats for softness, and not too much roasted flavour – baked to perfection!
P is for Plan B – An easy-drinking, zingy, thirst quencher with a bit of orange in the nose goes perfectly with Lush Big Knickers' outfit.
Q is for form an orderly queue at the bar and don't forget to leave quietly when you go home!
R is for Ruby (1874) Mild – A classic full-bodied ruby murry….be careful the following day if you're wearing a G–Sting.
S is for Stout Cat – Pussies Galore will love the sweet, rich flavour of roast malt & molasses in this well balanced beer.
T is for Tubby Doormouse – Characterised by debonair and dare-devil maltiness that perfectly complements a Fat Controller.
U is for Urban Dusk – This nutty beer with chestnut and hazelnut flavours is crying out for the addition of a Walnut Whip Willy.
V is for Vampyr – a meaty and malty red with something for Bangers to sink his teeth into!
W is for White Knight – A tasty session ale with fresh hop flavours to ride in on. Let's just hope Stallion doesn't go lame.
X is for XL Bitter – With its characteristic lingering aftertaste, this golden ale is much like one of Forkin Dickchair's RA Sermons.
Y is for Y oh Y did I have so many beers last night?
Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *hiccup* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

ON ON to Bedford

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