Run 1228

Sunday 19 October 2014

The Sugar Loaf, Meppershall

Hares: Cat Shit and Clap Trap


Down the hill towards Campton

On This Day .. we start a New HM Year

Dainty down-down from G-String

The morning after the AGM dawned bright and sunny in Meppershall – in contrast to how some of us felt, as we gathered for run 1228 – (our thanks to the RA for arranging such unseasonable weather). In the circle, the newly erected GM (Shagpile) paid tribute to the efforts of the previous administration, introduced his "new mismanagement" and promised that progress would continue to be made! This week two newbees, Jackie and Milly were introduced and greeted. The hares promised a beer-stop, cake, and an absence of animals on the run, but warned about the perils left by dog-walkers.

As would be expected from the Meppershall location, the run started with a down-hill dash (towards Campton, but only after several false trails elsewhere). This served to spread the runners out nicely, before the first of several fishhooks sent the FRBs back (only slightly improving the chances of the hares keeping up!) At the bottom of the hill, the course headed towards Wood Hall Farm before striking North to "hit" the newly-cleared River Hit, which it followed downstream (both in and out of the woods) through the shiggy towards Shefford. Declining to follow the river under the bypass-bridge, the runners then turned South, progressing gently uphill towards the Beer Stop at the Owl-box at Polehanger Farm. Refreshed and entertained by the HM's only slightly censored card-tricks with the harriettes, the runners then split from the short-cutters to enjoy an uninterrupted "sprint" On-Inn.

At the circle, HM Capt F celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary again and the new RA (Forking) awarded down-downs seemingly at random though it was evident that he was not fully confident his stand-in role (in loco parentis) with the ankle-biters, leading to a down-down for G-String. Generous donations for charity were made for Catch-IT's [? spelling...ed] cake (and the spare) that was/were completely consumed! It was announced that Lady P's list for the Posh Nosh (Saturday 13th December) was open and hashers were urged to support the event.

On-on to The Engineer's Arms

Clap Trap

How the new Hash Matress Underlay did 1228

HM's harem - and others – play card tricks

Bangers n Milly don't sound right to me

Choc and White Cardies. Great idea Mum.