Run 1227

Sunday 12 October 2014

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Hares: Bangers & Ringer


Tiptoeing across the River Lea

"Are this lot with you?"

Deca award for Deano

Hour-glass harriettes impressed by
FDC's Movember moustache prediction

Where were we to go for our autumn break? Malta or Gibraltar? Well, in the end Gibraltar won and a small but select band arrived on a pleasant morning to see what was on offer around Batford, a rather inconspicuous suburb of Harpenden. A co-operative landlord was able to offer the facilities that Pussies and Lady P required. The hares led the pack off toward the common and were able to sample the stepping stones across the river Lea (or Lee) and the FRBs explored the 4-way check before heading back into the built up area via a very underused footpath, full of nettles. Capt F and Underlay sorted out the route through the estate and led the pack to the fields to the west of the houses. Forking et al tried the path up the hill but the main pack found their way past the stables and a very friendly horse to a held check on Bower Heath Lane. On toward the loop round Slip Wood and a few send backs kept the pack together before the many ways into Bower Heath were explored and sorted out, where we were joined by Knobber, arriving late. Mainly wooded ,we continued SW via pleasant and dry paths, and some were foolish enough to try out a rope swing and nearly damaged their future prospects! It was on to a lady check on Common Lane with Subby and Oscar to the fore, with most of the pack missing the footpath back down towards the school. Leroy was glad it was all downhill from here as we wended our way to the On Inn. Quite a few 'down downs' were awarded as we sat in the late summer sun. The area lends itself to future runs here, and both the hares enjoyed themselves setting this run up.
On On to Meppershall

Acknowledgement: Thanks to stand-in Hash Flash Underlay for this week's pics

How Underlay did 1227

Oscar was up to his ears in nettles

"Suddenly there was an ominous cracking sound"

Evidence of Ebola?

Capt F needs help with his buttons (and bows)