Run 1226

Sunday 5 October 2014

The Coach and Horses, Stotfold

Hare: Knobber


The mystery H5 Horse Whisperer strikes again

Rapid, Deano, Hayden guilty of check abuse

Leroy, guilty of self-abuse of the legs

The empty Stella can made hollow clanks as it tumbled along the pavement on the warm, early morning breeze, eventually reaching a gentle halt against the large dog turd left in waiting for a more animate victim, perhaps one wearing commando-soled shoes. Yes, we were back in Stotfold again.

The overnight rain had spread the dust somewhat more thinly than it had originally been laid. What was left gave a rough indication of the direction of the trail, and served to mislead the FRBs and keep the pack together as it wended its way through the shiny brown back passages of the town.

That was, until the pack arrived at Stotfold Common, where it became two groups: one of FRBs and the other a more pedestrian knitting circle. FRBs CRK, Deano, Rapid, Hayden and Underlay (fresh from the Standalone 10K earlier in the morning) found their way around the common trail quickly, and across to the held check on Astwick Road. Once the pack had regrouped, it set off towards Astwick and through the paddocks towards Bowmans Mill, to see the renovation work and the Mill Race, complete with remnants of the water wheel.

From there, the trail went south along an overgrown path that gave plenty of opportunities for nettle rash, towards Ivel Mill (for sale – 5 bedrooms, 2 acres of land with fishing lake, tennis court and barn, and could be yours for £5K shy of a cool million), and Taylors Mill (having a mill race under the house and a resident ghost), before heading back towards the pub and through the dreadful new housing estate and over to the riverside. A final stretch beside the river and through the Millennium Fields brought the pack to the On Inn, and back to the pub and some decent beer – CW Eagle, Adnams Ghost Ship (too hoppy for Boris) and Waggle Dance.

The total absence of Team RA required a secret stand in, and CRK obliged. Down downs went to the Hare, then Underlay for her inappropriate warm up, Leroy for self abuse of his legs, the FRBs for check avoidance, and Shagpile, for circle avoidance.

On On


How Rapid trundled around Stotfold

Underlay, guilty of inappropriate warm up

Shagpile, guilty of circle avoidance

Lady P and Rapid both felt a right tit