Run 1223

Sunday 7 September 2014

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

Hares: Clap Trap & Capt Fantaaastic


Underlay hit all the number checks,
but this wasn't one of them...yet

BS – blackberry stop

Inappropriate attire? – Mr Clingfilm

It was a select bunch that circled up in the car park of that habitual Hashing venue; The Brewery Tap, Shefford. (When Shefford offers such limited possibilities in terms of footpaths, one wonders why it remains so popular with the Hares). Before the off, the hares cautioned safety on a stretch road with traffic and advised on the absence of shiggy [note Ed - lesson learned] (true), large animals (true), thistles and nettles (both untrue) on the run. Despite the absence of RAs, the weather turned out fine.

The route went up North Bridge Street, over the bridge and left on a footpath beside the river to Hardwick Close, crossed the Bedford Road then on-on up Cockshoot Hill. At the top there was a BS (Blackberry Stop) and, on descending, a view-stop affording a good view of the town and villages even as far as Sharpenhoe Clappers. Back on level ground, the trail followed the Stanford road before turning back towards Shefford, crossing the River Ivel Navigation, and returning to the town via the Millennium Green and Northbridge Wharf.

Straightforward you may say, but that's omitting the numerous false trails set by the wily hares and the many cruel fish-hooks that caught so many (and in some cases, caught so often), and made the run more interesting. So much so, that a novel, at least to these novice ears, technical term; "bleep-test" was much bandied about.

Back at the pub, there was a protracted cooling-off period where the challenge of Catch-IT’s economy-sized cake was finally met (even if it meant that some, had to steel themselves to have fourth's). The writer will forego any further comments on the cake, to avoid accusations of bias but make mention of the excellent roast potatoes provided by the landlord. In the circle, Pussies Galore and Blow-Felt celebrated their anniversary with a cocktail, Kev was awarded a down-down for inappropriate attire and Underlay granted one, for use of novel technical terms.

On-on to The Unicorn at Cublington for run 1224


(Most of) how Underlay did 1223, a lot of it twice!

Checking it out, sort of...

Both had an anniversary, what a coincidence

New shoes Pussies? Enjoy!