Run 1222

Sunday 31 August 2014

The Fox, Darley Hall

Hares: Nik Nak and Forking Dickchair


HM does his "On this day.." bit

A bit of horse jam

Jumbo managing to look very small in picture

Ringer's runs archive shows that our previous visit to this pub was in April 2009. Reading the words from that day, a highlight was the naming of both Double Entry and Lush Big Knickers. This time around, the hare Forking Dickchair arrived early and ventured into the woods with a bag of flour. The landlord looked anxiously from behind the bar, believing this was a supply of food to a local vagabond known to live rough. In the car park he met and told early arrival, co-hare Nik Nak. Using this hot tip off from the pub she soon put in her roving eye for a man, and later identified the village tramp happily sitting on a log at the farm.
The hash welcomed back Des Res from his wanderings. The sun filled the sky along with jumbo jets landing every 10 minutes. Soon the FRBs, Count Roadkill and Claptrap [shurely shome mishtake here .. ed] came across the four horsemen from a pony club. Pussies Galore and Skippy stood back to allow the now depleted 3 ponies and girls pass, although the fourth was soon spotted hiding in the bushes on a false trail track, away from a passing tractor.
Leroy and Jack were latecomers after yesterday's new moon hash/BBQ. Captain F joined them in the circle with a new down-down drink for forgetting tankards. The potion of Iron Bru, Lemonade and a splash of Worcester Sauce handed out by RA Shufflecock left a taste to remember, but Capt F still quipped he would like more Worcester Sauce next time.
To conclude it seems appropriate to mention the passing of Deadmeat. As his life's bag of flour has emptied, he can count on angelic FRBs to lead him from any false trails, along paths without nettles or thistles and onwards to his final on-inn followed by endless down-downs. God bless him. In the same week we also welcome the arrival of Private Parts' young son, Sebastian, who may go on to take after his dad and enjoy hashing with H5. Congratulations P.P. and Happy Snaps, the proud mum.
Despite there being a famine of cakes this week, we are promised a feast of goodies from Catch it if You Can and Frau Krafty Rot next week at The Brewery Tap, Shefford.

On on

Forking (GM elect for 2015)

Underlay's 1222

Pack leaves Darley Wood behind

Blackberry eating check

Des Res and returnee's down-down