Run 1221

Monday 25 August 2014

Near Katherine Cross, Ampthill

Hare: Limp

HASHERS: 8 + 1 or 2 MKH3  MUTTS: 2

Jack: took one look at the rain and went straight back into the car

C For .... Post Office?

I set the trail last year, ha ha, when the sun was shining, even this year the Harerazor asked me again for a run. The idea was to have a short family run in the park and sit and have a picnic and games after, the day before our run was sunny and dry, but the weather man said heavy rain tomorrow.
What was clear was the fact that the flower would be be happy with moisture but the flour would be washed away. What could we do? Clearly the weather would keep hashers at home, although MKH3 normally turn up in any weather. I decided to have a balloon run, but my cylinder of Helium was nearly empty, so I had the think of something else. Later in the day I was playing 'Battleships', YES this is the best idea. I set about finding all the major parts of Ampthill, then put them in a mucked up order, then added four forfeits.
We met at 16.00 as agreed: Limp, Lady Chatterly, Subby and Oscar, Leroy and Jack, Lady P, The Count, Double Entry, Rapid.
And from MK: Sir Clugs, Daisy, Rev.
I explained the run to the small pack, we then ran / walked all over Ampthill, at times back over the trail, the route being decided by the pack Battleships Style e.g. C4 = The Post Office. A beer stop had been arranged in the OLD SUN, we arrived there after forty mins and as Rapid said 2.1 miles, YES it was a short run.
With all very wet, there was NO circle, no Down Downs. With all the water above us, this was a Submarine run !!!!!!!!!!!!!! On returning to our cars Ringpeace was there, plus Cum Dancing had driven past us twice, but not joined in. Sir Clugs (YES, he is a Sir ) and Daisy only made it to the Queens Head.

On On to Darley Hall via Rushmere on Saturday

Leroy waters down his beer

Token presence from MKH3: Ringpeace turned up with his book but didn't get his suntan wet

Hash Flash Says: "Sorry about the paucity of pics - certain vital parts were a bit too moist."