Run 1219

Monday 11 August 2014

The Musgrave Arms, Apsley End

Hares: Catch It If You Can and Clap Trap


Madge: under threat from Milly

Forking escapes the bells at All Saints

Shagpile envies the GM's rod

Braving the risk of thunderstorms post-Bertha, an intrepid group of hashers (including most of the usual suspects) assembled at the Musgrave Arms in Shillington. There were no birthdays or anniversaries announced but the circle was "treated" to some of the wurst puns ever told before the start.

Eagle-eye Hashers might have noticed that the flour had had barely enough time to settle, since the hares had left Cornwall on that morning and had only finished laying it by 6 pm.

The trail left the pub southwards via the road, then circled Apsley End on level paths through the fields of Shillington, it avoided hazardous cattle, but crossed fields with sheep and horses. There was almost no mud [clap trap must learn technical term shiggy ed], but brambles and nettles lay in wait for the unwary. Many of the arable fields had been harvested.

Looping north, the course led uphill to Shillington church giving an opportunity for a view of the countryside across to Higham Gobion, basking in the setting summer-sun. The knitting circle used the opportunity of a short-cut to overtake many of the runners, this re-joined the main trail just below the church. To the sound of the bells, the hashers turned south and dropped down to join the Shillington road to the Apsley End junction, then On-Inn to the Musgrave Arms.

At the pub, the Landlord treated Hashers to plates of red-hot chips and individual's potato intake could later be further enhanced by the Fat Controller's excellent cake (the main ingredient of which was surprisingly said to be mashed potato). Rapid officiated in the circle and Forking awarded down-downs for various infringements. Bangers [bangers n madge we musn't write the old girl off yet ed] announced that his 80th birthday ridge-walk had raised over £1,500 for charity.

On On to Great Brickhill


How Underlay lead us around 1219

Zebedee entertains a held check

Double's modesty preserved

Nik Nak's late again down-down