Run 1218

Sunday 21 September 2014

Howard's Park, Letchworth

The Cycle Treasure Hunt

Hares: Lady P, The Count, Twicza and Zebedee


No hurricane for the postponed Bash, but plenty of fireworks as Double Entry went head to head with Subby in a cracking contest that went all the way. If you thought City vs Chelsea was the big game on Sunday think again.

Those (i.e. the vast majority of you) who missed this titanic struggle missed a rare treat, a gem, a battle of wits to savour with no quarter given nor none asked as the two giants of the H5 Quiz scene locked horns to unlock the matrix of clues woven by the hares and lays hands upon the Annual Bash trophy for their battle weary army [thats enough metaphors... ed]..

Let's start at the beginning. Faced with a record low entry the hares were immediately handed the ideal opportunity to ensure the main combatants were lined up against each other. Supporting Double in THE RECYCLES were trusty lieutenants Knobber and Hairy Gussett, whilst Subby was backed up by Cycling Wonderwoman Underlay and the ailing Shagpile in GNOME FUMBLERS. With the weather cool and bright the scene was set: let battle commence.

Right from start the refs struggled to contain the team figureheads as questions rained in about the precise meaning of "seal" and hare efforts to clarify clues were seen as a sign of weakness, leading to more protests. It was soon clear that a card was called for - should it be yellow or red? Either would risk ruining what was developing into an epic encounter.

On and on it went, through Letchworth, Norton and Baldock, with both teams' champions solving clues that mere mortals would find impossible. Even a long, up-hill slog along the old Willington Road did not dull the sharpness of their minds nor the keenness of their competition. It lead only to a grilling for the hares on their decision to make a nodding acquaintance with bridge a prerequisite of success.

Through Weston (where it was good to see the long closed Red Lion now open, albeit as a gastro), down Lannock Hill to Willian and still neither side would leave a clue unsolved wrestling each like a dog with a bone. But time was passing and news came through that the picnic was already being eaten by those too lazy to join the fray: the adjudicators had to call the teams to make haste. With tension reaching a crescendo this was not a popular call, but Shagpile for one was ready to oblige.

The points were totalled, the protests tackled, hands were, metaphorically at least, shaken, and the results were declared. Unfortunately there can be only one winner and on the day, when push came to shove [that's quite enough clich├ęs ...ed]:


And they try to say hashing isn't competitive.

On On
The Count.