Run 1216*

Monday 28 July 2014

The Horseshoes, Blunham

Hares: Lady P and The Count



One Birthday Hat for Gorjoyce ....

A quick pose on High Ramper Bridge

The West Beds Boys ....

We have always wanted to lay a trail from the highly rated HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM, famous for it's hospitality and sandwiches, and so lept at the chance offered by the hare razor.
Using a little of the ample parking provided by the HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM we had enjoyed laying a very pretty trail by the River Ivel in brilliant sunshine on Monday morning before finding out that, very wisely, this busy pub does not open at lunchtimes during the week.
Such is the reputation of the HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM that a fine hash attendance was assured: Thongo even brought a good selection of his family just to see it. We're still not sure if they are newbees or returnees, but what the heck.
Gorjoyce admitted to yet another birthday, as did Thongo and Sefton (or was it Carter?), and none could think of a finer venue to celebrate than the convivial HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM. Luckily we had enough Birthday Hats.
The HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM is ideally placed for access to Blunham High Street and we took full advantage by leading The Hash along that road before offering a long falsie on a footpath to nowhere. All accepted except Shagpile and Underlay whose combined experience took them along Grange Road to arrive at the held check on High Ramper Bridge 5 minutes before the rest of the pack.
Underlay was to the fore again as the trail followed the Ivel back to the village before taking a loop towards Sandy. Seeing that the pack were keen to sample the fine ales on offer at the HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM, the Hares cut the loop short and we were soon the right side of the ON INN to be greeted by an all too rare sighting of Ward 10.
In the bar Liz and daughter gave us the warm welcome for which the HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM are becoming well known and also a few pints of summer ale Humming Bird at a very reasonable price.
We circled up in the pub's spacious and well equipped beer garden and children's play area and the HORSESHOES AT BLUNHAM generously provided us with with a fine selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls and roast potatoes, which were supplemented by the top tier of Bangers' Birthday cake - he was absent on bowling duty - carefully transported and torn apart by Forking. This also gave us, and especially Leroy, the chance to chat with some of the interesting regulars at this outstanding local.
Down-downs for various hares, birth anniversaries, newbees/ returnees, Shagpile, Lush No Knickers, FDC, Rapid Withdrawal etc. before we bade farewell to Liz and her team. We promised to give her pub a brief plug in these Wurdz so here goes: the Horseshit at Blueholm is quite a nice pub.
On On to Greenfield


How H5's FRB of the Year steamed through 1216

... and two to share among the Thongo Tribe

Shagpile checking for trail in tree

.... were in top form