Run 1215

Monday 21 July 2014

The Royal Oak, Woburn

Hares: Rapid and Leroy

Joint run with Milton Keynes H3


Woburn locals were NOT impressed!

FC: "Where's the ice cream stop?"

Bloody hell, the grass had grown

A copy of a paper recently submitted to the Supreme Hashing Advisory Group (SHAG):

An empirical analysis of the joint hash: do two go into one? – the Double Entry.

Recent research into the joint hash (Fantastic, Cambridge, 2010) has concluded that the hosting hash can consist of shouty, obnoxious runners, but despite this further research by Withdrawal & Leroy (2014) has been performed to ascertain if two can indeed go into one successfully, otherwise known as the Double Entry.

The research was performed on a Monday evening with a sample of 12 from H5, slightly lower than normal due to the Greensand syndrome (Bangers, 80). However a number of unaffected H5 including Pongo, Gorjoyce, 123, Nak, Ringer et al presented themselves at the Royal Oak. To validate the DE theory a mixture of markings and false trail lengths were used and this was explained by the Hare using his virtual flour.

A key finding of the research was that the number of MK Hashers decreased by 50% before the first check (Piece et al, 20 metres), resulting in the conclusion that H5 are a harder bunch (Chair, 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014).

Hashers are known for their short attention span, examples being "I left my keys at home" 123 and the "where's the beer stop?" Controller. To validate this argument the strategically placed ice cream van caused a significant delay and an extended girth (Dancing, 2014).

Having lost and found his dog (Leroy, ¾ of the way round) the trail swept back across the meadow returning to the research centre having covered a distance of 3 miles in 1 hour.

The lack of RA (Cock, all the time) allowed Fantastic and Piece to run the circle and share their observations with likeminded fellows including apres Roadkill and Chair. The thoughts of Pongo were not obtained and the MK beer proved to be somewhat undesirable.

The visitors eagerly awaited the opportunity to leave (Dongle +1), whilst DE (36,24,36) discussed embalming with Stiffy (deceased).

Ultimately further research is required and two separate studies have been commissioned: The cross report (Limp, August Bank Holiday) and the Controller / Dancing study due to publish in September.

Recommendations are that the joint hash should continue and the Double Entry is desirable by all.

Next week, the question to be asked is "Will Rapid's Rod be spotted at the Three Horseshoes in Blunham?"

Withdrawal & Leroy, July 2014.

A GM's eyeview of 1215

Da Big Hoos

Double Entry photobombs nice
picture of Bell End

Forking gets a taste for MKH3 crap beer

RAs compare notes

Pie eating competition?

Visitors from Delhi

Ringpiece in awe of Delhi RA