Run 1214

Monday 14 July 2014

The Three Horseshoes, Norton

Hare: Pecker


Knotch thinks Birthdays are for young people

Knobber is attracted to local pussy

Lady P grabs Rapid's Rod

Hare Pecker (perhaps trying to muscle in on World Cup Celebrations?) was joined under the Birthday Hat by Count Roadkill and Stallion, prompting Lady P to find two more.

Having been promised the sight of courting couples in action the well-formed Hash set off eagerly through the churchyard of St Nicholas, Forking declining to comment on the bell-ringer's talent.

At Norton Bury Knobber fell under the spell of a cat; no doubt a witch, sent to warn that his was a false trail and that he should be heading towards his home in DSC.

As we turned back towards the A1 we encountered a motorbike field trial, which did not end well or, to put it more kindly, the young lady concerned showed a supreme talent for White Rabbit impersonation.

Having failed to find the romping couple the Hare took a party in search of springs, the water sort, leaving the Hash to its own devices. Forking amused himself providing advice inspired by a Norton of the Graham variety.

Back at the pub Norty, silly Oscar took a chunk out of his Mistress' arm and Hash-wise got away with it, whereas Forking's ruse to obtain a down-down this week was to leave his pumps at home – and RA Shuffle Cock fell for it.

Shagpile and Depth Charge rescued the RA by telling Rolf Harris jokes, a crime too dastardly to be ignored.

Lady P was given the privilege of holding Rapid's Rod because it seemed to Knotch that she was in need of it.

On On to Woburn


How The GM saw 1214

Forking gives gay advice

Local biker tries White Rabbit style parking

Two Little Boys with jokes in bad taste