Run 1212

Monday 30 June 2014

Sir William Peel, Sandy

Robbers: Depth Charge & Zebedee


The Whitehall 1212 Run

Dog Handler Subby

"I didn't know it squeaked if you squeeze it"


2 suspicious hashers of dubious trail-laying skills
Known for fast getaways and lack of flour
First seen running away from the William Peel Pub in opposite directions
Also seen running through cropped fields hotly pursued by WPC Subby (or should that read pursued by the HOT WPC Subby)
Escaped apprehension by running through hedges and jumping ditches
Finally cornered back at William Peel and sentenced to Down-Downs.

If sighted only approach with the offer of beer!

While we wait for the convicts suspects to make their confessions, here is some contemporaneous(-ish) evidence submitted by the pursuing boys and girls in blue...

Evidence from Officers Shagpile, Submissive, Ringer, Edwina 1-2-3 and Private Parts: Having given them a generous 10-minute head start, we set off to catch our quarries. Unfortunately we made a bit of a Foxtrot Oscar's breakfast of it right at the start. Checking both left and right, one forensic team found dust and a tell-tale arrow left by the fleeing villains, but the trail seemed to go cold and the absence of backup forced them to give up the lead and back-track to the pub. Finding only false trails in other directions, the original trail was resumed, but we had lost several precious minutes and our quarries were getting away.

Up the hill we climbed; the fleeing culprits being grassed up by members of the public, it was into the woods we went. Falling back on years of tracking experience we maintained total silence, relying solely on bird calls to keep in touch, following the tracks left behind. Our colleagues had disappeared, not to be seen again until the squads reformed back at the pub. We were on our own.

But our doggedness (well Oscar's) was not in vain – the suspects were eventually spotted only 200m or so ahead of us. Spurred on, we closed the distance. The cunning duo laid a 9-to-the-back check, followed almost imediately by a second and then a third – they had tried laying a 9-9-9 trap for us but we were not fooled and ignored it. Down by the railway line they panicked and split up. We decided to pursue Zebedee who tried to make a get-away across a field, causing us to reassure the field's owner that the culprits would be brought to book. With dog Oscar and his handler Subby following them, Shagpile and Ringer tried to cut them off at the pass bridge, but they were too quick for us. Regrouping we decided to head back to the rendezvous point for refreshment.

The crooks decided that the game was up and to come quietly. WPC Boris slammed the cuffs on them, ready to take them into custody, but where was CUSTARD-y?

Route of the futile escape attempt

FC was undercover with Special Branch

DE read them their rights (and lefts)

Who ate all the pies?

From the notebook of PC Rapid:
I was proceeding in a northerly direction from Sandy when I observed a pattern of markings leading in the direction of Potton. This, upon investigation proved to be a ruse set by the villains and the true direction was across the railway line.

Alongside Sergeant Shuffle(Cock) and Community Officer Frau K Rot (on assignment from Germany) we continued to follow said markings in an attempt to apprehend the rogues. Imagine our consternation as we reached an arrow marked SC. Was this aimed at the sergeant? However, with rear support from Inspector Ed Wina of the Yard we followed the full trail until it disappeared.

Having failed to find any further deposits we concluded that we should return to base, when we stumbled upon a further arrow returning us to the scene of the crime. We were later informed that another unit had apprehended the suspects and so turned our attention to cake.