Run 1211

Monday 23 June 2014

The Green Man, Offley

Hares: Capt Fantaaastic & Knobber


Tarzan pre-loaded

Knobber in flashing gear

Nabbed and looking guilty ...

Having had a fabulous weekend at L’eroica Britannia – the hares woke up in Bakewell on Monday morning. A relaxed start to the day, followed by a longish drive home, laying a trail and finally haring the run. What a fab day was in store.

The weather was brilliant all day, until about midway through laying the run at which point the heavens opened. The hares were not particularly well prepared for these conditions and after about 20 mins of torrential down-pour we finally made it back to the sanctity of the pub, but in a totally bedraggled state. Tranquillity was soon restored after a quick trip to the loo to use the hand drier for a quick blast of hot air, and then followed by a pint of London Pride.

The weather must have put quite a few people off as the run comprised only twelve intrepid runners. There was no GM, nor RA (so clearly the RA was 100% to blame for the atrocious conditions).

What of the run I hear you ask. There is not much to say really. The group stayed pretty much together. There was a dangerous road crossing, but fortunately no hashers were lost. The weather was much kinder than earlier, so we all got back pretty much damp free (apart from my feet which were totally sodden as a result of the earlier down-pour).

Down downs were awarded to everyone.

Knobber & Capt F – hares, Count – for having his socks on the wrong feet (thanks Knobber for that spot), Double Entry – who was given the option of a down-down or having a photo taken (not a hard choice), Atomic – for constantly grinning g since she reached her early retirement age, Nik-Nak – for taking too long tying here shoe-laces at a numbered check thereby avoiding going to the back of the pack, Pussies & BlowFelt – for not socialising with the group in the pub (entirely made up that one), Shagpile – just for being Shagpile, Underlay for getting injured as an excuse for avoiding having to drive, Stallion – for greasing his dingle berries in an unseemly fashion (no-one witnessed this, but we just knew he was guilty as charged) and finally Ringer for not aiding to salve Stallion's aforementioned wild life refuge area.

Love to you all – Capt F & Knobber

On-On to next week’s run at The Sir William Peel Sandy – Live Hares and a cops & robbers theme.

Underlay pre-crocked

Nik Nak tries the shoelaces-pre-number trick

... more of the guilty party