Run 1210

Monday 16 June 2014

The Green Man, Eversholt

Hare: Forking Dickchair


Across the savanna he led them ...

... past rutting stags ...

RA FC ready to tickle the Lady's Fancy

The Entertainers

This week's run was from The Green Man.

Trying to escape the World Cup, then come on the hash. Art imitates life as the World Cup refs mark hash bar lines on the pitch every time a free kick is taken.

A warm welcome was made to a visitor from Canada, Forking's cousin Emma. Hashers, such as Twiczer were Hungary to get started so set off. At the first check it was neither way left Norway right but straight down the road.

As luck would have it, what last week was a meadow with a clear path through it was now a cut and threshed field of knee-high hay. With a quaint bridge traversing the ditch the first number check should have sent a few FRBs to the back.

Thongo would have felt like he was back in Borneo as we hacked through the bamboo jungle, similar to the Amazonian thickets in Brazil.

At Paris House, which itself was bought back from France, the route entered the estate of the Duke of Bedford. Not wishing to see his safari collection of animals from Africa, India, Russia or Australia the run took full advantage of his deer park, containing Pere David from China.

The hash passed the architecturally fabulous Abbey, designed by Flitcroft and Holland after the fourth Duke's grand tour of Spain and Italy.

It was on-inn along the Green Sand Ridge path. This itself was a little taster of the great Bangers' Big Birthday Bimble with Banquet on July 18, 19 & 20, please let either Ringer or The Count know if you wish to be part of it so that meals, transport and other logistics can be planned.

Back to the pub and amongst the guest beers was one from New Zealand. Zingalongamax was waiting as well as some bar staff on a jolly who were just keen to be seen next to Forking.

Next weeks run is from The Green Man.



Scribe's Note: Can't fault your accuracy Forking - my Woburn history is woefully short - or your punctuality, but perhaps just a little more than just the last paragraph should be written AFTER the Hash next time?

... and through dense bamboo ...

... to their Stately Home

HM Atomic and her dummy

And finally, Forking gathers up some apres