Run 1209

Monday 9 June 2014

The Millstream, Hitchin

Hares: Edwina 123 and Gorjoyce


No one argued with Twiczer's friend Rocky

Local clown baited with Hashit

Anniversary for the odd treble

Deca Mug for Catch It, X50 Run award for Frau

Weather forecast said heavy rain but when I got to the Millstream it was lovely sunshine.

I had no idea where I was (situation normal) so was really relying on lead-hare Gorjoyce to show me the way.

Circle up on the bridge. We have a new runner, by the name of Rocky, brought along by Twiczer. Latecomers Lady P and Count Roadkill.

Off we go on a lovely false trail that took the runners alongside a stream .... I guess this must be "THE" Mill Stream. Then back to the start and head off across the road. Underlay already out of sight somewhere a long way ahead.

Now it gets a bit squelchy. There were cows here when trail was laid but they've move to the other side of the meadows now (bullocks actually .... honestly everything I say is true).

At the other side we go through the park. Time for Scooby Doo and Skippy to have a go on the swings (is Skippy too old for that sort of thing).

Where the hell is Underlay? Somewhere off in the distance. Luckily she gets caught by some number checks and all of the false trails so she's back with us again.

Now along a bit of road to Purwell Mill for a held check.

After regrouping at the mill we head off into some wheat fields. There's Underlay off in the distance which made it easy for the small group of runners to follow but the knitting circle were starting to lag behind.

Back to civilisation where front hare forgot where the trail went and led the runners the wrong way. Luckily the trail was well marked earlier, so this error was soon corrected.

On-Inn back to the pub with the rain now starting to pour down as we circle up. Awards for Catch-It-If-You-Can and Frau, and various down-down for reasons I forgot.

On On

Edwina 1 2 3 (and Gorjoyce)

How the only real FRB did 1209

Local pussy baited with Hashit

The view we had of Underlay all evening

Clap Trap tries to avoid Gorjoyce down-down

And finally, Boris shows off her talents