Run 1206

Monday 19 May 2014

The Market Cross, Dunstable

Hare: Forking Dick Chair


Stallion greases his crack

Hare ditches bike to catch bus? What next?

Zingalong and Scooooby in down-down duel

Train anorak Fat Controller played the part of Edward VII as he totally abdicated from his haring duties.

Where a steam train line once ran through Dunstable there is now the new busway with its own concrete rails. Also new was the pub, only opened last month, built where there once stood a tile warehouse, previous to that it was a scrap metal yard.

After having inadvertently spotted the 'On Inn' the Hash picked up the trail along the foothills of the Chilterns as far as the old quarry workings, past what looked like a Held Check cunningly disguised as a helicopter landing site. Here was a place to park your chopper, especially if it was as well lubricated as Stallion's who had a well-greased crack. The sudden climb upwards took the Hash to new heights.

Cattle wandered merrily in the meadows of the sunlit uplands. At the summit it was possible to look right into Ringer's 'umble abode across the valley. Double Entry sat to admire the view.

After the run Subby quickly exited to mark some homework with her grateful pooch Oscar. Their absence was barely registered before Leroy and Jack ambled in after running late. At least he paid with legal tender other than the twenty 5 pence coins offered by Scooooby-doo. Captain F offloaded a great many of them at the bar.

Blowfelt himself swanned into the drinking den, also from the bar, firmly plonking his tankard down before rightly taking his seat at the head of the table. With six hashers flanking either side of him down the long table it looked like a meeting of the heads of SMERSH. It was then suggested that Blowers only needed to be stroking a pussy to look the full part. Pussies Galore pricked her ears up and jumped at the chance by pouncing upon his lap.

Forking played the part of the grand old Duke of York, as in Thongo's opinion it was one of his most memorable up and down runs. I think he was referring less to Koo Stark and more to the ten thousand men.

On on to a slightly older pub next week.


Hash wanders merrily in the sunlit uplands

Ringer points out his 'umble abode

And finally a drink for Leroy, running late