Run 1204

Monday 5 May 2014

The Anchor, Great Barford

Hares: Lady P and The Count


Returnee Nimrod

The knitting circle were so confused ...

Shuffle delivers long awaited dray

Cracking turn out, weather close to being good, attractive location (well it suited us nicely thank you) but did that run work? Be the judge, as Pongo's verdict was none too clear when, as custom demands, he was put on the spot.

"To begin at the beginning" Ringer mentioned that on this day 100 years ago Dylan Thomas was born, which goes to prove that you can't trust Wikipedia. Quite rightly ignoring the creator of Under Milk Wood, Capt F welcomed 34 hashers to the circle by confiding that he had just arrived from far away Hull, only to be out-gunned by Returnee Nimrod who had come from Canada. We moved swiftly on to birthdays and Lady P and The Frau stepped forward despite being hatless: so busy cake-baking was the former that she somehow 'forgot' the uncomfortable headgear.

1200 was my last haring: a leisurely stroll with breaks for jammy dodgers, jelly babies and beer. In contrast this hash was sent off towards Roxton with FRBs given licence to open their legs and show off their class, with no numbers to halt their progress to the ON INN, and a shorter route for the the knitting circle to enjoy a dalliance with the locality.

The FRBs were happy enough in their work, and pleased this hare by following 4 false trails at a five point check, until on Peas Hill where a check contained the letter B: Depth Charge had the air of a sad individual as he emerged from under a hedge to be told there was no Beer. Undaunted he joined Underlay, Haydn, Rapid et al to charge on to create the most elongated group we have seen in years – a kick up the apron for those who enjoy standing around on street corners talking recipes.

This meant that poor Nik Nak was all alone with a Short Cut arrow mischievously pointing across a ditch straddled by a small plank of wood. Finding it irresistible she had to be hauled from a bed of nettles by passers by. Perhaps that was a little cruel.

Meanwhile the knitting circle dropped a stitch. The lovely Boris, admirable stand-in Hash Flash Double Entry, the rarely spotted Lesser Golden Globes, and others refused the short route and wandered off, arriving home a little after that time when Mummy starts to be a little worried.

The huddle on the river bank turned itself into a circle long before RA Shuffle arrived with beer – to celebrate the usual stuff plus the confidence with which Private Parts announced that Snap Happy was carrying his heir – and then the majority accepted an invitation to Jordans for some birthday tipple and enough cake to confirm our return to WI status.

On On to Arlesey

Count Roadkill, daring to speak for Lady Penelope

How THE GM did 1204

Lady P and Frau admitted to birthdays

... they weren't sure who they were

PP proud to be on the fatherhood trail