Run 1202

Sunday 20 April 2014

The George, Silsoe

Hares: Bangers 'n' Clap Trap


The Very Official Hash Portrait at Wrest Park

The GM names SPLASHY ...

FC and Shagpile in Down-Down high jinks ..

Having to organize a Hash run on a Bank holiday my co hare [formerly known as] Mike and I thought that we would have between 12 and 15 Hashers. On a bright and warm afternoon we had a great turn-out of 30 who were treated to Nik Nak out performing White Rabbit on parking, and FC and Kisses going to the wrong pub!

After Capt F told some rather weak jokes about Henry VIII (What about St. George!) the pack soon found the correct trail to a check at the Church X-roads. Off again towards Wrest Park and a long falsie, before being called back by Ringer and Rapid to the hold check by the well kept croquet lawns.

Along the long path the numbers sent back many including Frau, Lady P, 5 Baah and Twiglet. Both Skippy and the former Alison were well to the fore and after a check the pack milled about until finding the trail through the industrial park. The Sat Nav sign (see photo) stopped the pack going that way, and even Shagpile was among the front runners! Whatever next!.

Heading back towards the stately pile of the De Grey family, now long gone, we paused beside the imposing facade of their former home for a group photo taken by an unidentified local school ma'm.

Back now toward the village, turning left on the bridleway, past some great shiggy (where was Scooby-doo?) and then back towards the main A6 road crossing. Shuffle Cock did some great traffic duty and some very courteous drivers even stopped for us! After a check by the new houses on the Silsoe College site most of the pack headed back along the short cut to the pub, whilst Edwina, Count and the hardy bunch found a cunning small path back onto the well used paths and fields behind the housing site. A few diversions and falsies led them back alongside the allotments and the ON-INN.

Some very nice 'eats' were provided (thanks) by the Hash Bakers and our RA then had to perform the naming of 2 of our number. Mike is now CLAP TRAP and SPLASHY will accompany Skippy in future.

Down-downs were awarded and a good time was had by all!!

Ahoy me hearties I'm off to cruise. See you there!

BANGERS, expecting Madge back soon

How THE GM did 1202

When does FC take notice of a Notice?

.. and CLAP TRAP is named

.. but Skippy not amused as Frau goes for it