Run 1201

Sunday 13 April 2014

Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Hares: Bell End and Shuffle Cock


Jack supervises a held check

Blow Felt thinks it's his birthday ..

.. and it really is his birthday !

A nice sunny day greeted everyone for the umpteenth run [thirteenth as it goes .. ed] from The Plume of Feathers, but running into an area previously unvisited by hare Bell End, even though he has laid several runs from said pub [one as far as we know .. ed].

Having confused almost everyone from the start, by having the car park locked, the pack set off and the hares almost lost half straight away (must try harder).

Several number checks were present to keep the FRBs from disappearing into the distance, but one must check if Private Parts is ill, as he found a mound of flour and decided it must be a number and went to the back, even though it was just flour spillage from water bottle filling.

Child abuse occurred at another number check, 5 to the back was the instruction, 4 had gone when Skippy, Frau and Rapid came upon said number. Frau and Rapid tried to get Skippy to do the number by carrying her over to be first.

Skippy was also on dog poo watch, as she alerted Leroy to Jack's doings.

Back at the pub, Boris let the hash know it takes her 25 minutes to come (to the hash) and always prefers hard over soft. Birthday drink for Blow-Felt and 250th award for Pussies, where upon she modelled her new swimsuit for the hash, very fetching.

On-On to The George @ Silsoe


How THE GM did 1201

Depth Charge looks for the back

.. but finds out it's only Pussies' 250th run ..

Becker came in 25 minutes