Run 1197

Sunday 16 March 2014

The Globe, Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Leroy


Clue to the date or rugby comment?

Lovely sunny day, lovely location ...

Beer stop photo with Donna & Jamie


GM: "Leroy, tell me a bit about today's trail"
L: "Too Long"
GM: "And why would that have been?"
L: "It took me two days to set it. But the beer stop was good and I killed off Jacko in the first half"
GM: "Have we found Forking yet?"
L: "Forking found a unique trail. But The Count didn't have any problem, Ringer didn't have any problem, and even Mike didn't have any problem, Subby didn't have a problem. Mo didn't have a problem, nor did Globes, but they didn't do the trail in the first place. So rocking."

GM: "Tell us more about the beer stop: that was well organised"
L: "Very well organised. I was up there at 10 o'clock last night, I got the cheapest beer I could find, worked well, I think there were enough apple pies and nobody looked at the view did they?"
GM: "Oh yes we looked at the view, yes"
L: "I did tell 'em to tidy the place up for me but it was a pig sty [laughter]"
GM: "And the quarry, tell us about the history of the quarry"
L: "It's a hole in the ground, they dig sand out and send it round the world"
GM: "And where to, where in particular?"
L: "Arabia. I don't know anything about the quarry it just looks nice. Did anybody notice the wiring in the new building? I've never seen better installed wiring in my life"
GM: "That's where the sparks were coming from was it?"
L: "Did you see the trench up the drive? Where I laid the mains cable with my own fair hands? And I screwed the box on the wall. You should have seen me screwing the box on the wall"
GM: "So you've been laying and screwing?"
L: "I laid Donna and Jamie's ...I'm nodding my head here"

GM: "Anything else about the trail you'd like to tell us?"
L: "Er, it, no, it was a bit short.. er the first lush[?] is the hardest. It was a lovely sunny day and there's a swan out there. I've had me dinner and I'm fine it's everybody else that's got [inaudible]..
GM: "Have you thought any more about kicking helmets in the canal?"
L: "No. There's a German bloke outside and his name's Helmet"


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