Run 1196

Sunday 9 March 2014

The Sir John Barleycorn, Hitchin

Hares: Capt F and Knobber


H5 in diverse glory on a lovely Spring Day

Newbees: Pussies asks the questions

Major Jon was named

I must remember to write the words on time. The alternative being required to attend corrective lessons with a certain Miss Submissive. Well quite frankly it’s a wonder anyone ever bothers with Wurds.
The trail was laid on Saturday on what was a pretty nice early spring day. The day of the run was even better. The sky was blue and the temperature had soared to a pleasant 17 Celcius (or 63 Farenheit for the oldies).

The trail was a trail of two parts. The beginning was mainly urban with lots of snickets, ginnels, back passages, flutesters, jennels, passages & wynds. It was a bit of a maze, but eventually the group made it to the edge of Hitchin. It was at this point that we encountered Pooper [does dad mean scooper .. ed] who had been playing footie for Stotfold Town FC at the King George playing fields.
A little bit further and finally the group makes it into the Oughtonhead Nature Reserve. Shufflecock, Underlay and Rapid formed the FRB contingent and Shufflecock even has sufficient time before the main group arrives to demonstrate that he has a tendency to be a bit of a swinger (if you weren’t there you won’t have a clue what I am on about).

The scenery in the Nature Reserve was stunning and no-one seemed to be bothered that the run might have been a tad over-long. The knitting circle (including Pussies, Blow Felt and Pongo) was sent on a short-cut whilst the rest of the group pressed on. This was the last we saw of the knitting circle, which was a bit worrying, so much so that Knobber went back to look for them to no avail (possibly due to the fact that they were so far ahead of the main pack that they were out of sight).
The last mile or so of the trail was up a pretty steep hill. Near the top was a poem check and a stunning view of the surrounding countryside. A bit further and it was ON-INN and back to the pub for a couple of pints of the highly quaffable Rev James and some very tasty jammy coconutty delicacies courtesy of Catch It If You Can.

Down-downs were awarded to the hares, the birthday boy (Knobber), the newies (Taffy and Chloe demonstrated their natural hashing prowess). Underlay & Rapid were chastened for I know not what. Sheila was re-christened as Major Jon (a tenuous link to Edwina via a certain Ms Curry)

El Capitain & Knobber

How Underlay did 1196 before cycling back to Potton

Run 281 from the Moon and Stars at Rushden, a Joint Hash with Cambridge hared by Kermit and Bedsores: a total of 56 hashers, plus a couple of woofers, enjoyed a vodka stop in the days when Cardiac was Assistant RA.

Gorjoyce takes some time to sit and stare

50 Run Tankard for Leroy

Rapid and Underlay made up numbers