Run 1194

Sunday 23 February 2014

The Live and Let Live, Pegsdon

Hares: Ringer and Shufflecock


The Hares marched them up ..

Edwina wants to reprise his 'tache

There just aren't enough down-downs to deal with the HM in key loss mode ...

"Here Pussy, Pussy, here .."

Some 200 years ago, the good nature of the local landowners around Hexton was being sorely tested by a spate of poaching. They decided to enlist the help of the Bow Street Runners (yes they were available for hire outside London). The Runners got wind of a planned meeting of said poachers at what is now The L&LL (I don't know what it was called then). Surrounding the pub, the poachers were truly banged to rights. However, by some means or other they managed to negotiate a deal whereby they would be released in exchange for a promise to give up poaching for good! – the penalty for poaching at the time was often transportation to the colonies for 5-10 years. In commemoration of this, the landlord renamed his pub to The Live and Let Live.

It was a lovely sunny day when we set the hash, shame it didn't stay around for the next day when there was a persistent fine drizzle in the air. The run started with Breakfast Bread, to give hashers energy for the flat run. Edwina 1-2-3 was once again in charge of Oscar while mum Subby was off on the piste. Why none of the hash believed the hares when we said it was a flat run I'll never know; we even sent them off in the opposite directon. Several false trails were checked out, but before long we were across the road and on up the big hill, where a lovely number check caught out a few to allow them to enjoy the hill twice. Once on top there were stunning views that the day before had enabled us to see clearly not only the wind turbines at Langford but those near Gamblingay as well.

Soon it was into shiggy territory, and was it good shiggy, yes it was, deep just the way we like it. Underlay, Capt F and others attempted to get across the small lake that blocked one part of a footpath, shame we hadn't actually laid anything down there. A loop designed to first lose a bit of height and then climb back up was inserted, and after a while sounds of "We've been here before" could be heard. What goes up must come down so it was time to head back downhill to the On Inn and the pub. Here Hashers were offered a choice: brave Hashers took the precipitous route straight down the side of the hill, while the KC went around the top and down a gentler route – the steep decline was actually much easier than it looked. The only faller, further down after the trail had levelled out, was Bangers who slipped at one of the gates.

Back to the pub for drinks and cakes from the Frau. Forking was on RA duties and duly awarded himself a drink, without even locking his keys in the car; that was Capt F, who received the Dior Hashit for his trouble.

On On to The Gardeners Arms

How Underlay went up and down 1194

And for those who missed the Murder Mystery Evening the night before, all is revealed here.

.. and then marched them down

Leroy in mid-joke

.. as Forking debates for what crime to punish himself

Subby skied on but Oscar turned up