Run 1193

Sunday 16 February 2014

The Rose and Crown, Ridgmont

Hares: Bangers and Blow Felt


Farkle and Felicia liked the water ..

From the beautiful, derelict Segenhoe Church ..

The HM reads out the nominations ..

At last! Deca Mug for Blow Felt

250 Run award for Forking Dick Chair ..

Dateline: Thursday 13th February 2014.
Location: Somewhere in Beds.

"Hello, Met Office? Bangers here...... What about this weather we are having? Since you moved from Dunstable to Bracknell I've not been able to get any decent weather for the last two Hash runs I've organised. It peeded down at the Globe and now it looks like its going to do it again..............."

"What's that?! If I were to send a few pounds of bangers down with Capt Fantaaaastic on his new bike you could get it better for Saturday. OK, but what about Sunday?........ You what? 5lb of fillet steak should do it!!. Well I'll settle for that if it;s sunny all day......OK. How about the shiggy? Oh, you'll arrange for plenty of that...and the water? ... 2 ft deep in places you say, ...... great!!!"

Well, that's done the RA's job for him so let's look what happened.

As arranged Blow Felt and I laid the trail on a dry Saturday afternoon, and woke up to a clear blue sky on Sunday morning. Well it does pay to have a few mates around who can do the business! I was a bit worried that my co-hare would not have recovered from his experience of Thursday night [when he was an adult panto star for those who didn't know .. ed], he did tell me that she had a wonderful pair..... (now you are getting in front of me)...of eyes! Well that's what Pussies told him to say, but on the day he kept the knitting circle together well.

A goodly crowd assembled, nice to see FC and Kisses again, with plenty of splashing about in the car park by Felicia and Farkle. With both Hares wearing wellies we set off, and much confusion was seen before the Hares directed the pack down an obscure alley-way to join the Greensand Way towards Segenhoe Church. 5Baah, Rapid, Forking and Leroy were among many sent back by number checks before arriving at a wet four way check, well enjoyed by Shuffle and Jack.

Slipping and sliding was the order of the day, with Private Parts taking on the deepest mini lake we encountered .. well done!. Once again the FRBs including Underlay, Ringer and Edwina were all punished, but half way round Captain was suffering with 'mal de mere' (must have been all the water we saw) and had to short cut.

Diversions around massive puddles took us over the M1 with a view check looking towards the new Centre Parcs location and also seeing quite a few dear in the fields. Count Roadkill was heard to say that it was an old hares trick to put in plenty of number checks .. and weren't the Hares old!! With a combined age of 220 (less the number of inches of their inside leg measurement), they may well have been the oldest to lay a trail!

After crossing the Ampthill road a loop bought the pack back over the M1 again, and with a final confusing check below the woods a muddy crowd made their way to the Pub soon after noon.

A nice warm fire and decent beer and Lady P's biscuits and cakes cheered us all up, and down downs for many and run awards for Forking (in Easy Jet yellow!!), Shuffle, PP and Blow Felt bought a fab day to a close. The Hares both enjoyed it, hope you did too [we did excellent hash well done both .. ed].


How Rapid Withdrawal wizzed round 1193

.. but not as much as Private Parts

.. to the not so beautiful, but equally derelict Shuffle and FDC

.. and Edwina takes The Oscar

Shuffle Christens his 200 Run Hat

.. 400 Runs for Private Parts