Run 1192

Tuesday 11 February 2014

In Memory of Gispert

The Drovers Arms, Steppingley

Hares: Forking and Rapid


Seventy two years ago to the day as Lieutenant Gispert downed his last drink and left the Selangor Club for the final time he may well have heard a crying baby named Thongo screaming out for his first drink. Alberto Esteban Ignacio nonetheless strode on out to his ultimate fatal mission against the Japs in Singapore. On the other side of the world in 1942, back in Houghton Regis a seven year old Bangers dressed in shorts was sucking orange juice through a straw. He was contemplating his current apprenticeship as a sausage maker. The skills he was then learning would last his lifetime.

Meanwhile, back to the real world and three night ago in Totternhoe it was Legs Eleven that was aspiring to getting her name in lights on Broadway by treading the boards in a first rate production of Forking Dick-Wittington. She played the part of Alice (Alice, who the heck is Alice) the Alderman Ringer's bricks and mortar (grand-daughter). Several costume changes saw her progress from a shop-girl (Double Entry) to a cook {Twizer), nurse (Nik Nak), sailor (Cap'n F), wearing a big RED DRESS like a panto dame (Shufflecock) and for her finale in a bridal gown (Happy Snaps). Meanwhile Forking Dick-Wittington and his cat (Pussies Galore) had to fight baddy Blow Felt and his accomplice Rug Rat (Skippy). Custard, playing the part of the evil Queen was always on the lookout for dick, asking the audience "Have you spotted Dick?"

"He's behind you!" was the loud reply. As Forking Dick checked a trail on the Highgate Road out of London it was a number check that made him turn back, only to then become Boris (Mayor of London) three times over. Anyone who can pull that off that deserves a gold medal. Well done Jenny Jones.

On On to a Red Dress Run

Forking Dick Chair