Run 1191

Sunday 9 February 2014

The Stag, Stotfold

Hares: Knobber and Capt F


Vicky's box was very popular ..

A down-down to do with Eidelweiss ..

RA has a trumped up charge for Bangers ..

On a very windy day, Capn F and Knobber went to their thoughtful spot in the pub to think where they could lay a run for the next day without everyone getting soaked and covered in mud. Eventually, they decide that they will go through the new housing estate with the Lego brick dwellings built for economy with their dubious non-porous cladding, fibreglass chimneys and uniform roofing systems. But first, they should go to the Gold Post Box for a Hash Flash and this allowed the hares to put in a devious circuit of the recreation grounds and almost return to the pub.

Being a Windsday, Farkle and Felicia were nearly blown out of their wellies, so G-String had to take them back to the pub, while the rest of the Hash found their way to the other side of town near to the river. But the river had overflowed, so the FRBs had to wade along the riverside all the way back to The Green, where the Snowdrops and Eidelweiss were growing. Along the way, the pack became strung out, so the FRBs had to amuse themselves by taking shelter in the abundance of dog mess left were doggy people thought that no-one else will tread. This spawned a new game called "Dog Turd Twister", as the pack braced themselves against the wind and fought against being blown into new foot positions.

Stotfold Mill is a historic Hash location, being the place where www earned his name. In his absence, Scooper took up FRB status to lead the pack along the Riverside, although at one stage Knobber the Hare was taken out by a rampant Shagpile, whilst refreshing a fishhook so as to try and regroup the distended pack.

Making their way back through the streets with wind against, the pack struggled back to the pub through several checks, one of which had put the Hares in an awkward position to explain to an innocent passer by why they were drawing a large pair of ladies breasts with flour on the pavement. Underlay found the right route home, and we were back in The Stag just after midday.

Back at the boozer, there was plenty of decent beer and the circle buzzed. Thongo summed up the run as "a journey through 20th Century architecture" (I think), and there were several down downs, but due to the cold and wind, I can't remember what they were. Boris got one, anyway, along with Bangers.

That was it – not a bad morning out, and the Windsday soon turned into a Sunday.

On On to Gispert

Knobber and Capn F

How Underlay found the right route home

.. but only Edwina wanted to play

.. but incredibly NOT for a dodgy haircut

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